Chapter 60

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"What the hell are you doing?!!" Lisa shouted on her when she witnessed what Somi did to Reign.

She carry her son and tap her back while looking angrily at Somi. Her fiancé stood from kneeling, she's not even guilty on what she did. The two boys are crying that can be easily figure out that something's going on inside the room.

"He hurt Liam! Can't you see him? Liam is crying!" Somi yelled back.

Lisa cup her son's head and buried his face on her neck "You can't just him like that! You're not in the right position to spank him!" She howl.

"Jennie should know how to discipline her child that's why he's like that!"

Lisa shook her head and shoved Somi away to get her boys out of the room. She's really mad that she's just trying to keep herself cool because she might hurt Somi. Reign can't stop from crying and hugging Lisa's neck so tight, he's coughing continuously that made his ears and face turned red.

Lisa held Liam's arm to take him out but Somi pull Lisa's arm which made her turn around.

"Where are you going?!" Somi looked at her in disbelief "Put Jennie's son down!"

Lisa scrunch her face and removed Somi's hand aggressively. She take Liam's arm once again and open the door widely.

"What's going on here?!" Marco showed up, he heard the loud cries of the kids in the living room so he checked it out and didn't expect that there's something going on between them "What happened to them?!"

"You shouldn't invited him, he hurt Liam.. Je-"

"Shut up Somi!" Lisa growl, she looked at her Dad and give the kids to him "Dad.. Take the kids with you first. We will just talk"

"I want to know what happened after this.. I won't tolerate anything if you did something out of the line" Marco warned them with his gritted teeth. He took the boys out of their place and let them talk since it's between them.

Reign didn't want to get separated to Lisa. He scream while his eyes are closed when Marco took him. It breaks Lisa's heart to see her sons on that state, scared of what happened.

As soon as the kids are out of the place, Lisa looked at Somis who's panting. She wet her lips, grab Somi's arm and pull her inside the room. She closed it and looked at her sharply.

"You're not supposed to hit him like that!" Lisa shouted on her face.

"He deserves it! I will never let anyone hurt my child!"

Lisa rub her face "My son doesn't deserve it Somi!" She howl.

"So Liam deserves it? Lisa, he's your son!"

"No one deserves it! My point here is, you don't have the rights to hurt him like that because Jennie never hit him that bad! What came into your mind to spank him?"

"Jennie? Jennie again?"

"Of course, Reign's Mom. Who do you expect?!"

Somi hold Lisa's arm tightly and looked at her directly in eye "Why can't you get rid that two? Huh? We have our own! Tell me!" She shouted.

"He's my son Somi!" Lisa scowl

Somi scoffed, she's getting out of her mind "He's not your son!"

Lisa laugh sarcastically and turned her back. Her madness is eating her up. Lisa's heart beat so fast that if she has a heart disease, she would passed out. Her mind is occupied by impulsive thoughts that's why she's trying to remain cool.

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