Chapter 8

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Jennie is currently running out of late in her class. Since she's a teacher, she needs to be there on time before the exact time but Satan is playing with her early this morning because she woke up by 6:30 AM.

"Excuse me" Jennie run as fast as she can, carrying the examination papers for the students.

"Good Morning Ma'am" Some students greeted.

Jennie just smile at them and continue shoving everyone away from her way. She run upstairs and accidentally trip over on the emptied bottle of water which made her stumble down, her ankle got hurt and the papers spread on the floor. Since it's already the dead end part of the corridor, no one sees her.

"A-Aw" She whimper and hold on the railings to force herself to get up "What a luck"

She look on her wrist and ruffled her hair, it's already 8:45 AM. She's so sure that the head office will call her again due to absence for the first period.

She haven't had enough sleep because she lurk herself with her books from 9PM to 3AM. Her eyebags are showing off, it's pretty dark and round. Jennie pull herself up until she successfully get up from the floor. She look down and a groan escape from her mouth.

"Fuck this morning. Fuck all of this shits that will come today" She curse and step her toe but it just made her knee bent, she couldn't step her toe on the floor, looks like she got sprain.

"You want some help?" A man asked from behind.

Jennie look up and saw him wearing a mask, jacket, pants, timberland shoes and a blond hair. She looks like a student but he has an ID of a teacher, she couldn't recognize him because he's not familiar.

"A-Ah yeah. I'm sorry if I will ask for help but I just can't take the papers because of my ankle hurts" Jennie shyly said and purse his lips.

"No it's fine. You're a teacher as well?" He asked and took the papers on the floor.

"Yeah. How about you? What department?" Jennie asked, getting curious.

He laugh softly and gathered all of the papers before he stood up "High School department. How about you?" He asked.

"Same goes to me... " Jennie surprisingly said and was about to take the papers but she felt a stinging pain on her ankle "Oh shit"

The man's reflexes is too quick as he held Jennie's arm to support her. He move forward while holding the thick and heavy test papers.

"I think you need to go in the clinic first, Miss..? "

"Kim. Jennie Kim" She uttered

"Miss Kim" He bob his head.

"But the students-"

"You better treat that ankle or else you couldn't work more or less, half of month" He said.

Jennie face palm herself and just agree on what he said. She started to walk, wobbling upon her feet but this man is supporting her by holding her left arm. Jennie just carry her bag on her hand and let the unknown man help him, she doesn't give a fuck on what might people say because she's badly hurt.

They reach the clinic and got assisted by the nurse. She lay down on the stretcher and waited for them to put a first aide on her ankle. She close her eyes when she felt the ice packed on it.

"Put it with gentle" Jennie said.

The man talked to the doctor and look at Jennie, he put down his mask and bow his head

"I need to go now Miss Kim, I have important thing to do" He said. He's about to go when Jennie stop him.


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