Chapter 39

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Somi's P. O. V

6:45 AM

I woke up first before Lisa, she went home drunk for I don't know the reason. I waited until 11PM and thankfully, she went home. She didn't talk to me and just walk straight on the bed which is odd.

Because of my sudden movement, Liam woke up as well, he's between us. I put him out of the bed so he won't wake his Dada up.

"Let's go to the living room" I whispered to him.

He's about to cry when I cover his mouth and I storm out of the bedroom. I put him down and let him walk as I made my way to the kitchen.

I don't know what should I cook because I don't know how. If I have a time, I will go for a cooking class before we get married. Lisa always cook for us, she doesn't cook she said because someone is cooking for her before which is their maid or chef but when we live in a same roof, she initiated to do the cooking because I have no experience of it.

"Mommy" Liam lifted up his arms while crying.

"No Liam. Stay there and Mommy will think on what to cook" I told him and took the eggs inside the refrigerator.

"No Mommy!" He stomp his feet and pouted, I don't have any choice because for sure he will throw tantrums once I didn't give what he wanted.

I put him on the kitchen counter "Stay or you will fall on the ground" I warned him.

I cracked the eggs and mixed it. I think I will just fry the eggs and bacon for today. Lisa will understand it. I let the burner heat the pan before I put the oil on it.

"Mommy my toy is broke, can you buy me another toy car?" He asked.

"Sure baby" I replied without even looking.

I put out the bacon in the refrigerator and soak it under the water. It's freezing. When it's already okay, I put the egg on the pan and let it cook by the heat. I looked on the clock and I still have time for this but I should wake Lisa up so she can take a bath first.

"Mommy put me down" Liam called me again. I put him down without hesitation and let him run around the living room.

After few minutes, the eggs are already done. This time, I put the bacon in the pan and the oil started to jump out of it. That's why I hate cooking! I back away a bit and let it.

I heard how the knob turned in our bedroom and saw Lisa coming out, she just woke up but I guess she's in panic.

"Good morning!" I cheerfully said.

She just smile at me and kiss Liam on the head before she made her way towards me. I made my arm wide spread to give her a kiss. As soon as she reached my place, she kiss me on forehead which I expected to be on the lips.

"Morning. I'm sorry I'm late" She said and took the tong from me "Give me that and you can prepare"

"I want to cook for you.. You have hangover, right? Want me to make a coffee?" I asked.

"Later when we start eating" She chuckle and went focus on the bacon.

I looked at her back frame and pouted "Why did you get drunk without telling me? I waited for you for the whole night" I asked.

She stop for a moment before she turn to face me "I'm sorry for not telling you but I was with Seulgi that time. She just asked me to drink with her because she's problematic but everything's fine. You don't have to worry" She explained.

I hug her on the torso and asked for a kiss. She give in and smile at me.

"I love you" I said.

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