Chapter 73

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Loud music, smoke and smell of alcohol were all over the place. People started to get crowded as the clock hit 10pm. There were group of people who were using drugs in the corner as they has fun. It can be visualize that this club is for wild people who're addicted to party.

Lisa and Jisoo were sitting across to each other as they watched other people dance around. Lisa's arms were rested on the ladder back of the couch with her legs crossed while Jisoo she was contacting their other friends to come over and joined on Lisa's problem.

"Are they coming?" Lisa asked.

"Seulgi and Wendy are on their way but I don't know the others" Jisoo replied and put down her phone on the table "So what's up?"

Lisa heave a frustrating sigh and swirl around her glass with ice inside. She poured another shot and took it.

"We had a fight" Lisa said, although there was a loud music from the speaker, they can still hear other without voicing it out loud because of their spot, they're in the corner.

"And? You two were always fighting on the past few days.. What's up?" Jisoo asked and have a glass of tequila, she looked at Lisa with concern.

"There's this person whom I beat before" Lisa pause for a while and gripped on the glass "I was jealous Jisoo that I couldn't control myself"

Jisoo bob her head, she knows where this was going "Then?" She asked again.

"We fought and dropped her on the street, I went back to pick her up but Jennie wasn't there anymore.. We didn't talk about it.. Then one morning, I was planning to pay him a visit to say my apology but when I knocked on the door, I was surprised that Jennie was there.. She stayed up all night with him" Lisa stated

"Uuhhm.. After that?" She asked and saw the other two coming on their place "Oh here they come"

After struggling in getting through the crowd, the other two reached their area while shaking off their jackets after some teenagers touched them

"You could've choose a better place than this" Seulgi complained and ask for a manly hug to Lisa "What's up?"

"What's with emergency?" Wendy chuckle and asked Lisa for a fist bump.

They took their seats and Jisoo gave them two shots of tequila to start the night.

"Is there anyone who'll come after you?" Jisoo asked Seulgi but the latter shook her head.

"I don't think they'll come. After the office hours, I called Wendy to wait for me while Jin, he will stay in the office until midnight" Seulgi replied and have a drink of tequila again, her face went grimace because of the taste.

"So.. What's the purpose of this?" Wendy asked and looked at them.

Jisoo chuckle and looked at Lisa "Continue"

"Then.. That's it, we fought" Lisa laugh forcefully "I don't know what to think"

"Think of what?" Seulgi and Wendy asked as they munch the snacks on the table.

"I saw Jennie in other man's house. Looks like she cheated" She stated.

The eyes of the two widened "What?? Are you serious??" They asked.

Jisoo was looking at Lisa intently, she lean her back and crossed her legs as well "Did you let her explain?" She questioned.

Lisa shook her head "What explanation? If she was thinking about me, she'll let me know about this in the first place" She uttered.

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