Chapter 70

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Lisa's P. O. V.

Jennie cling on my arm as soon she uttered those words. I was about to tell the tourist guide that we won't go if that's the case but Jennie surprised me by telling him that I am her girlfriend. Like.. For real? My eyes were still as wide as it could ever be and I couldn't move my body.

I don't know but I think I felt butterflies inside my stomach. I can't explain what I am feeling right now.

"I'll ride the other boat instead" A man volunteered and went to the other boat.

Jennie pull me towards the boat, we have to lift our leg so we can hop inside.

"You go first" Jennie said and push me.

I was about to go when I remembered that she's wearing two piece. I step back and went behind her.

"No. You have to go first so I can help you to get up" I said and held her both waist to put her inside the boat, she giggle when it tickles her.

I climb up on the boat and took my seat beside Jennie, it feels heaven when I'm near her. Why do I feel like we're dating again? Like.. For real.. I can feel the vibe of your first date here. We wear the life jackets that the tourist guide gave us.

"Why did you tell him that I'm your girlfriend?" I asked when the boat starts to move.

She looked at me and chuckle "This is what we signed up for, right? You already forgot?"

I shook my head and laugh softly "Tss" I hissed and looked away.

"Are we going to see a dolphin or whales?" Jennie asked out of nowhere.

Everyone laugh because of the sound of her voice. I didn't cover her mouth this time, I wanna hear her cute voice. Her soft voice and genuine voice. The voice I was longing for, the voice that I wanted to hear for the rest of my life.

"Later on, we will spot a whale in the middle of the sea. Don't worry Miss" The tourist guide laugh.

"I haven't seen a whale for so long so I wanna see it" She said to me while pouting her lips. She put her right arm on my leg like she's used to it.

"We are going to see it, don't worry" I said as if I'm talking to my kid.

The wave hit out boat which made us jiggle. Jennie hold on my arm and, I can see that she's startled on what happened.

"That's a normal thing" I whispered to calm her, she's still afraid of water.

"What if we sink?" She asked.

"We have life jackets" I laugh at her

We saw a lot of big rocks, they told us that there's a cave inside and we will be surprise on how beautiful it is. They didn't know that we visited this for how many times.

"The water is so clear. I can see the fish here, look Lisa" She pointed the crystal clear water where a lot of fishes following the boat "I didn't bring anything to feed them"

The boat stop in the middle of the cave, the tourist guide allowed us to swim through the water but I choose not to because Jennie is scared to jump on the water. She never swim in the cave, she's imagining a lot of things that's why she never think of it.

"You can swim" She said, I was busy watching the tourist to dive underwater, they're enjoying it.

I shook my head "No. I will stay here instead" I said and looked back again to the tourist.

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