Chapter Ten: Reunion? Not exactly

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I'm dedicating this chapter to Cryptic_Eyes. The reason is, she is my favorite author on WattPad and she did something I never thought in my wildest dreams would happen.

She added this story to her reading list.

When I saw that, I think I screamed louder then I ever have and then went and commented hard core in her profile. I can't express my gratitude anymore then I already am but I figured I would dedicate this chapter to her :)

I hope you enjoy Chapter Ten, Ry-chan~!


The town hall of Catsmon was sensibly sized, probably being the biggest building in the small town. Arashi and Diachi were walking behind Yuri who was dragging Gray after her with an excited smile. Diachi was glaring at Gray and Juvia was stalking close behind him, her blue eyes practically sending lasers of seething hate towards Yuri. Levy was walking with Gajeel, Lily, Wendy, Charle and Erza, holding Lily to her orange dress softly. Lily had been slightly beat up during the attack and Levy had taken the small exceed into her arms.

Natsu, Lucy and Happy took up the back, talking quietly.

"Are you feeling ok, Lucy?" Natsu asked and she nodded, watching Juvia.

"I'm fine. I just feel bad for Juvia." She said, feeling fatigued. Natsu looked up and shrugged, looking at the blonde.

"Lucy you don't look good."

"I'm just worried about Loke and the others." She said, wiping her hand over her forehead. Natsu watched her, concerned as she waved him off.

"Yuri? Is that you?" The two teens looked up to see a man in a white suit approaching them, arms outstretched and smiling. He had gray hair, an attractive but age weathered face and a slim body. Yuri was smiling as she launched herself into the mans arms.

"Wilfred!" She laughed and the man laughed, hugging her tightly. Diachi looked confused as did Arashi who had his head cocked slightly in confusion.

"Is that the mayor?" Happy asked and Charle's brow furrowed.

"I don't think so." Lily said, looking up from Levy's arms. The blue haired Mage held him closer and Gajeel looked at the man suspiciously. Yuri pulled away from him and looked up.

"Where's the mayor, Wilfred?" She asked with a smile.

"I can't believe you are alive, kids." Wilfred said, ignoring the question entirely, looking at the two boys then down to the blonde. "I thought you were all dead."

"Well we're not." Diachi said. "Where's the mayor."

Wilfred sighed. "The mayor is - how should I put this - no longer in commission? So I'm standing in."

"What do you mean no longer in commission-"

"Are these the Fairy Tail wizards?" Wilfred interrupted Yuri who looked at him incredulously as he pushed past her towards Fairy Tail.

"My name is Erza Scarlet." Erza said, stepping forward. "We are here to reply to your request."

"Ah yes." Wilfred said, almost hesitantly. "As the flyer said Winters Marionette was destroyed."

"We saw." Gray said simply. Wilfred gave him an irritated smile.

"We'd be happy if you would help destroy the guild but, they haven't been back since the guild was destroyed."

"We know." Gray said, crossing his arms. "They destroyed our guild as well." Wilfred didn't look fazed.

"That's tragic." He said. Levy held Lily closely, looking at Wilfred warily. "We will prepare you a hotel. In the mean time, please enjoy our town."

He said this quickly before turning around, walking back into the building.

"Wilfred!" Yuri cried, following him. "Where's the Mayor at?"

"I told you. No longer in commission."

"What is that-"

"Leave it, Yu-chan." Diachi said, placing his hand on her shoulder. Yuri watched after Wilfred, pursing her lips. Lucy was silent, gasping slightly as she watched the group.

"Lucy you don't look so good." Natsu said worriedly.

"Lucy-san." Wendy said, approaching her slowly.

"I'm fine." Lucy said, smiling weakly.

"Let's just settle down," Erza said, watching her cautiously. "Let's head to the hotel, get our rooms and figure out the game plan." Everyone nodded and Lucy swallowed, wiping the back of her hand over her sweaty forehead. Natsu looked at her and sighed, slipping his arms around her, one around her waist and one under her knees.

"N-Natsu..." She said softly and he looked at her.

"Just rest. The fight must have taken a lot out of you." He said and she gave him a small smile before resting her head against his scarf.

"Gray-sama can you carry Juvia like that?" Juvia asked, holding onto the sleeve of of Gray's trench coat.

"What? No! You don't need to be carried!"

"Gray-sama you don't have to be so mean!"

"I'm not carrying you!"

Lucy smiled slightly, enjoying the bickering as Natsu carried her, his strong arms holding her close.


Chapter ten done!


I'm loving writing a more obsessed Juvia xD and don't worry I won't have Gray fall in love with Yuri. It wouldn't be Gruvia if he did!

See you in chapter eleven: An enemy in the night - now two people are missing.

-Dylan Kelly

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