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Chapter Thirty-Four: A nightmare-or a look into the future?

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~Natsu Dragneel~

He could feel the warm blood around his hand as he yanked his hand back, horror on his face as his eyes latched with Lucy's, her seemingly longer hair floating as she fell. The bandages around his arm were loose and he caught the sight of black marks around them.

"What is...." He looked down and spotted the tears in the dying blondes eyes. "L-Lucy..." He murmured, astounded not only by the length of her hair but by the sight of her blood staining its tips. A hand, a leg with the guild mark on it, red hair resided in the corner of his eye but his eyes could only focus on the terror in those fading brown eyes. Natsu fell to his knees, just then noticing that all of Fairy Tail lay around him.

"Nat....su..." Lucy whispered and his eyes widened. He looked towards her and clasped her hand. Her face took on a look of relief. "Y-You're....you...." She murmured. Blood dribbled down her chin as she smiled. "I-I can't...see you..."

"Shh Lucy don't talk. Please don't talk." He pleaded, clutching her hand tightly. She smiled.

"Natsu..." She murmured. "I'll always love you."

Her hand went limp and fell from his, smacking into the blood soaked ground. Natsu looked around and spotted a familiar figure standing a few feet away from him.


Zeref looked at him with a slight smile of sadness before he looked down at the marks on his arm then down to Lucy's corpse.

"Look what you've done, Etherios Natsu Dragneel."


Natsu shot up in bed, clutching his chest tightly as he gasped for air, his body drenched in sweat. He looked around shakily, a drowsy Happy looking up in a startled manner. Natsu's salmon hair stuck to his forehead and he pushed it back from his face, his breath leaving him in shaky pants.

"Nat-zu..." Happy yawned, rubbing his eyes. "Are you ok?" He asked. Natsu nodded, closing his eyes tightly shut.

"A-Ah. I'm fine." He said.

"Did you have a nightmare?"


"I'll get some water." Happy said, padding out of the room towards the kitchen.

Natsu placed a hand against his forehead, drawing a knee to his chest. "What the hell was that? 'Etherios Natsu Dragneel? What...what the actual hell?!" He seethed to himself, clutching strands of his hair in between his fingers.

"Natsu?" Happy asked and Natsu looked down at the exceed who held a small cup with water in his paw. Natsu reached down and gulped it down, some of it dripping down his chin. He lowered the cup and looked at Happy who was watching him in question. Natsu stood up quickly, wrapping his scarf around his neck and grabbing his vest, slipping it on along with his shoes in one fluid moment.

"Happy take me to Lucy's."



Happy was silent before nodding.



Natsu slipped open Lucy's apartment door, stepping in quietly with Happy on his heels. The room was dark and silent, causing Natsu's eyes to squint slightly before they refocused. Blinking, Natsu stepped farther into her room.

Just to be sure. Just to be sure that she was there and safe and alive.

Making his way towards her bed, Natsu let out a soft sigh. Her smiling face, something she always did in her sleep, was enough to make his heart sing and Natsu softly placed the tips of his fingers against her cheek. She mumbled softly, causing the boy to smile and placed his hand on top of hers. Moving slightly to her back, her hand moved to hold his, stealing his breath away. Natsu watched her silently, just remembering things about her. As he did, Happy placed a paw against his leg.

Natsu smiled, reaching up with his free hand to touch her fair hair.

'Of course it was a nightmare. Lucy's fine. She always is.' He thought to himself.

Lucy's brow furrowed and she turned back onto her side, facing him. "Don't...leave me.." She murmured. "......so...lonely... Natsu..." His eyes widened before his features softened into a smile and he climbed to his feet. Leaning forward, Natsu touched his lips to her forehead before pulling back and whispering:

"I won't ever leave you Lucy. Not anytime soon. I promise."

Natsu stepped out of Lucy's apartment, shutting the door behind him. Happy stood next to him, looking up. "Natsu?" The exceed started, causing Natsu to look down in question. "What was that for?"

"What do you mean?"

"You kissed Lucy's forehead."

Natsu smiled softly to him. "Don't worry about it. Should we go?"

"Aye sir."


Things became relatively normal in Fairy Tail in the weeks after the Eclipse. Requests came in normally and everyone was just as crazy as normal.

"Watch where your going, Icicle!"

"Your big as got in the way, Hot head!"

"What did you say, Gray?!"

"What do you think I said, Natsu?!"

A dust cloud formed around flying hands and feet as the two boys fought. Mirajane laughed as she cleaned a mug and Makarov rolled his eyes. Mira looked at the master with a curious expression on her face.

"Is something the matter, Master?" She asked and Makarov looked at her. "You can tell me. Cana's already beyond comprehensiveness." She said, referring to the obviously drunk brunette who had her arm slung around a blushing Wendy. Makarov sighed and looked around to make sure no one could hear him before turning towards the white haired girl.

"The council has asked the ten wizard saints to look into a guild called Tartarus." He said.

"Tartarus?" Mira questioned and Makarov nodded grimly.

"It's apparently a guild full of demons from Zeref's book of demons. They are apparently attempting to bring Zeref's back to them and resurrect a more powerful demon, also known as E.N.D. With Saika Suzuki's death though, the council has become preoccupied with naming a person to inherit her spot." Mira nodded at Makarov's explanation. "Beyond demons and their name, nobody really knows much about them. It's rumored though that Deliora was resurrected and moved into a dead corpse. Apparently, someone from Gray's old village was the person they used."

"Gray's old-"

"Shh, child."

"But Master-"

"It's only a rumor among the council. I probably shouldn't even know that tidbit of information but I do." Makarov said with a shrug. Mira watched him and sighed.

"We'll just have to wait and see." She said and Makarov nodded.

"That we will."


Haha :)

Foreshadowing at its finest :3

I think, haha.

The picture above is not mine :) all credits go to the original artist.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter because it's technically the final chapter. The epilogue is gonna be rather short so this is pretty much the end.

Thanks again so much you guys for everything you've done. Like commenting or voting and adding this story to either your reading lists or even just your library's. It really means a lot to me :)

I'll see you in the epilogue.

Epilogue: Boom.


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