Chapter Thirteen: Lucy, poisoned?

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~Gray Fullbuster~

Gray and Lucy walked towards Juvia's room slowly, silent as their shoes clacked against the ground and Gray shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Lucy." Gray started and she looked at him. "What am I...supposed to say?"

Lucy sighed and put her hands behind her back. "What feels right? I guess?" She said and Gray pursed his lips. She winced and clapped a hand to her wrist. Gray watched the purple track up farther in concern.

"Lucy. You should have gone home."

"I'm fine, Gray." She said simply and looked away. "You need to see Juvia." Gray looked up and realized that they were in front of Juvia's room. He nodded and pushed open the door, stepping inside softly. The room was lit dimly, the only light source coming from the window on the far wall. Juvia's head was turned towards it but she was sleeping, her chest rising and falling slowly and Gray shut the door quietly, walking towards her bed.

'The burns don't look as bad.' He thought to himself, sighing softly. The pale blue hospital gown contrasted slightly against her pale skin and Gray sat down on the chair next to her bed, interlacing his fingers and placing them beneath his head, resting his chin against his knuckles. He watched her silently. "I'm glad your ok." He said softly, sighing.


~Lucy Heartfilia~

"Oi! Lucy! Look at this!" Natsu cried and Lucy looked over at him, panting slightly.

"What?" She asked and Natsu's held up a picture.

"This looks like you!" He said, looking at it. "But hair?" He said. The two of them were in the lobby of the hotel and Natsu and Happy were currently making fun of the various paintings on the wall. Lucy looked at the picture with a raised eyebrow and her chest heaved slightly.

"Yeah it kind of does." She said, giving them a weak smile.

"Lu-shee." Happy said and she looked down at the exceed. "You don't look that great."

"Gee. Thanks." She said.

"No he's right, Luce." Natsu said, hanging the picture back up. "You've been acting weird since you found out that your keys don't work."

"Well what am I supposed to do? I'm worried about them. Their....their still my friends. Even if Taurus attacked me." Lucy said, clenching her hands on her lap. Her eyes trailed to her wrist, watching the purple twirling around over her guild mark and wrist and she winced, the metallic taste returning to her mouth. Natsu crouched in front of her and looked into her eyes, placing his hands on her knees. She watched him as he gave her a smile.

"Don't worry, Lucy. I'll protect you. Just think of me as one of your spirits!" He said cheerfully and Lucy sweat dropped. "Just say it's the gate of the dragon!" He said and she blushed.

"Natsu...." She said with a small smile and he squeezed her knee. She coughed slightly and Natsu blinked, placing his fingers to her lips.

"Lucy what's this?" He asked, pulling his fingers away and showing them to her. Purple covered his fingers and her eyes widened.

"I....I don't....I don't know." She murmured.

"Maybe Porlyusica should look at you." Natsu said.

"No I'm fi-" Lucy's voice cut off half sentence as pain shot through her arm up through her chest and she fell forward off of her chair into Natsu.

"Lucy!" He said and her breath faltered in pain. "O-oi! Lucy!" He said again but his voice was farther away. The corners of her vision were black and she saw Levy's sandals and Gajeel's boots before the darkness consumed her.


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Chapter Fourteen: You're a liar and I hate you.

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