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Chapter Thirty: Let me protect you this time.

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~Levy McGarden~

Levy stumbled around, her head turning back and forth quickly as she clutched her arm that hung uselessly by her side. She couldn't seem to clear her mind and a massive head ache that wasn't going away no matter how hard she willed it to.

Where was everyone?

Where was Gajeel?

She turned her head to look behind her and was attacked by a sudden wave of nausea that made her still, clapping her working hand to her mouth. The movement jolted her head painfully and she fell to the ground, reaching a hand up to her forehead with a wince. Her fingers touched the gash above her left eye and came back red, making her sigh.

A loud roar made her turn her head slowly, her mind barely comprehending the sight in front of her as three fat looking demons came towards her, drool falling from their mouths as the lumbered forward, the rolls of their green skin jolting with each step. She swore she saw one lick its large lips.

Was she going to die here? Eaten by three, fat, green and undoubtedly stinky demons? Was this really her humiliating demise?

How pathetic

Levy couldn't pull her self to her feet so she weakly crawled forward, astounded at how blurry the singed grass was beneath her equally blurry hand. She heard disgusting laughter behind her and realized sluggishly that they were laughing at her -- They enjoyed this. Her dead arm couldn't support her weight and the blue haired mage was sent down to her face, meekly curling up into a ball and clutching her head.

Man, her head was killing her.

She wished Gajeel was here, as much as she hated to admit that. She wished he was above her, tugging at her arm to get her to climb up or, even better, whisking her up into his arms and taking those disgusting demons out with one strike.

Because he could do that. Because Gajeel was strong.

Levy wanted to tell him how she felt.

Levy had felt strongly towards Gajeel for a while now -- probably since Tenroujima when he saved her. Or maybe it was when he was being a dumbass and she had hit him in the face with her purse. Harder than she had meant, now that she looked back on it. She wasn't going to be able to tell him how she felt. That she-

Two meaty hands clasped down onto her wrists while two others took hold of her ankles, the third looming above her, club in hand. Liquid hit her cheek and she looked up, greeted by the disgusting sight of drool and chunks of meat, hopefully not anyone she knew, making her cringe in between large, sharp teeth. She almost let out a scream but it came out as a gasp when the club came to rest against her stomach, blowing the air right out her.

It hadn't even hit her.

The monsters all cackled evilly and the one holding Levy's ankles brought her foot up, looking at her red shoe in interest before grabbing it and yanking it away, repeating the process to the other one.

"What are you-" she started, looking up in horror as the club holder reached down and yanked away her arm sleeves. The one holding her wrists above her head reached down and grabbed her headband and it was then she realized what they were doing.

They were getting rid of layers so she'd be easier to eat.

It was then she screamed, but it wasn't just a scream for help, nor was it a scream of pain. It wasn't even a scream of fear.


Her voice was hoarse, the demons hands on her dress freezing momentarily as if her scream had startled them. Their groping hands went back to work and she let out a sob, struggling weakly in a final attempt to get away.

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