Prologue: Sorry....

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A small town in the kingdom of Fiore was bustling with life, it's cobblestone streets full of tents, flags and people.

There was a single building on the outskirts of the town, the shingles hanging from the roof, falling down to the tiled floor. A boy sat next to a bed in one of the back rooms, a skeleton residing on the dusty springs and torn mattress. Bandages were wrapped loosely around the skull and ribs, indicating where skin, muscles and nerve used to rest.

The boy was familiar yet, so different. No longer did that wide smile split his mature features. No longer was there a fiery spark in his eyes, one that indicated his thirst for a fight. His hand was wrapped tightly around the hand of the skeleton, permanently cramped in that position while his face was gaunt and hollow, dark circles under his eyes indicating many night, months even of no sleep.

Three years had passed since the destruction of Fairy Tail. Well, since a certain Dragon Slayer destroyed the guild and almost everyone in it. The boy was around the age of twenty-one now, yet he still wore the same bedraggled white scarf around his neck, white pants and black over coat. His salmon hair was limp, moving weakly as a breeze made the light strands dance.

Tears were in his onyx eyes, never to spill down his pale cheeks and his lips were pressed into a permanent frown.

"Lucy...." He whispered for what seemed like the millionth time.

No longer could he see the image of her smiling face, lips tilted up in a crooked grin and amber eyes sparkling.

At him.

Nor could he remember the icy chill of an ice mages ice capturing him in one of their many fights or the slashing of a sword, the clinking armor of a strawberry cake loving red head or the timid laugh of a blue haired young dragon slayer and the scorning look of her white exceed.

"Everyone..." He murmured through his teeth, his aching jaw clenched. He wished the familiar feeling of paws were on his back, a high pitched voice whispering in his ear that they would be ok.

'Natsu-san! Stop!!!'

'Natsu! Get ahold of yourself!'

'Snap out of it, Flame Brain!'


'Natsu-nii! It's me!!'


'Idiot! What are you doing?!'


The tears fell silently.


He could see that sad smile on her face.

'I'll always love you...'

Her hand falling from his.

He clenched his jaw tighter, his hands shaking as his eyes landed on the few strands of blonde hair left resting on the battered pillow, the sun shining on the dull strands. His scarf moved away from his shoulder, revealing a slashed red guild mark on his thin shoulder.

Natsu Dragneel cried, his shoulders shaking.

"Lucy....everyone..." He sobbed, placing the heel of his palm against his forehead. "I'm sorry. I am so so....sorry."



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Chapter One: Team Lucy and Juvia

-Dylan Kelly

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