Chapter Eleven: An enemy in the night - now two people are gone?

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That night, the group decided rooming. With fourteen bodies to fit into two rooms, which was all Wilfred gave them, and considering the fact that there were only two queen sized beds in each room, the group was arguing.

"I want to be with Gray." Yuri said, looking at the black haired boy.

"So does Juvia!" Juvia said, sticking her chest out protectively. Erza sighed.

"We don't want to be anywhere without Yuri. Just in case." Arashi said and Diachi nodded.

"How about we choose room captains and they can pick?" Levy suggested.

"That's stupid, Shrimp."

"You're stupid, Gajeel." She muttered and he glared at her.

"It works though. We should do that." Lily said and Erza nodded.

"Why not boys in one room, girls in one room." Charle said.

"That's a good idea but we have more girls than guys." Erza said. "So I'll be a leader and Diachi can be a leader." Diachi scoffed.

"Whatever." He said and stood next to her.

"Lucy." Erza said.

"Yuri." Diachi retorted quickly.

"Natsu." Erza sighed, crossing her arms.

"Arashi." Diachi said, eyeing the redhead.

"Wendy." Erza said quickly.

"Levy." Diachi crossed his arms.

"Charle." Erza replied.

"Lily." Diachi said, almost as if it was a competition.

"Happy." Erza tilted her head challengingly as Happy gave an excited yell.

"Juvia." Diachi snapped and Juvia moaned, glaring at Yuri.

"Gajeel." Erza said, obviously deciding that it would be better to keep those two apart.

"You can't separate me and Lily!" Gajeel cried, looking at her. "I am not sleeping in the same room as Salamander."

"Gray." Diachi sighed, earning two excited squeals of joy.

"Fine." Erza said indignantly.

"Fine." Diachi retorted. Lucy looked at them from Natsu's arms and sighed.


~Juvia Lockser~

Juvia lay silently on one of the queen sized beds, Levy sleeping soundly next to her. Gray slept on the floor between the two beds and Yuri was sleeping on the other bed, hand hanging down and brushing against his bare back. Juvia could admit to her self that she was jealous - she knew that Yuri was so much more gorgeous than she was. She subconsciously grabbed a strand of her blue hair and sighed, sitting up and slowly climbing out of bed, picking her way through bodies towards the bathroom. Juvia sighed, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She pursed her lips and grabbed a brush from the sink, brushing her bangs forward and then to one side so that they hung over her left eye. She looked up and pursed her lips.

"Stupid." She murmured, looking at her reflection. She pushed her hair back from her face and swallowed, letting her hair fall loose in curls around her shoulders. She looked at her self, pale shoulders, large chest, small neck. Juvia felt jealous of Yuri's curvaceous figure even though, she her self was in a way curvy. Juvia had taken a step out of her comfort zone when she had seen Yuri's pajamas - tank top and short shorts. No she hadn't stripped down to practically nothing but she was wearing only a tight tank top and her loose pajama pants. She felt awkward.

"Gray-sama....please don't like her..." She said, wiping at her eyes. The bathroom door opened and Juvia jumped, turning when it opened.

"Diachi-san." She said, holding her hand to her chest.

"Have you seen Yuri?" He asked and Juvia shook her head.

"Juvia just saw her not even five minutes ago." She said, blushing slightly. Diachi grit his teeth.

"Gray's gone too." He said.

Juvia dropped to her knees, tears filling her eyes. "Gray-sama...." She whispered, covering her face with her hands.

"O-Oi...don't cry." Diachi said. "Let's go find them." He said this as he pulled her to her feet. She sniffed and nodded, allowing him to take her hand. The two ventured out of the room and went to go find what Juvia thought would be her biggest nightmare.

But they would never make it.


~Natsu Dragneel~

"I wonder where Diachi-kun is." Yuri said, standing close to Gray. Natsu glared at the two of them and looked at Lucy who was sitting on the couch, holding her head with her hand.

"I'm worried about Juvia as well." Gajeel said, arms crossed. Levy looked at him and Lily sighed. Wendy and Charle came running down the stairs.

"I can't find them anywhere!" Wendy said, panting slightly. Levy held her hand to her chest and Erza sighed.

"I think some of us should head back towards Magnolia, just in case they headed back. It's a very slim chance but it could have happened. Lucy, I think you should head back. You're sick and need to get checked on." Erza said.

"No I'm fine." Lucy said, looking up at her.

Erza shook her head. "Lucy-"

"I want to stay. I am staying." She said sternly and Erza sighed.

"Alright. Anyway, Wendy, Charle and I will head back. Lily, you can come back and get fixed up." Erza said, eyeing Lucy.

"I'll do that." Lily said and Gajeel sighed.

"So you guys stay here and look for Juvia and Diachi. If Lost Dreams attacks, you take care of it to the best of your ability."

"Got it." The group said.

That was the beginning of the end.


See what I did there?

Gruvia stays, Nalu stays and Gale stays.

Then there's Yuri, Diachi and Arashi.

So what happened to Juvia and Diachi? What's happening between Yuri and Gray?

See you next time!

Chapter Twelve: A horrifying thing.

-Dylan Kelly

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