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Ahaha I got nominated for that twenty facts thing by morbidEmpire (thanks mor-chan -.-) and figured I'd just get it out of the way.

1. I'm 16 years old and live with my mother and sister.

2. I just got my license and am the proud owner of a 2006 Dodge Dakota (/^3^)/

3. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety as of a year and four months ago (ish).

4. My cousin just got into a car accident and survived with a broken arm and leg.

5. I have brown/blue hair and I just shaved off part of the right side (ehehe)

6. My all time favorite anime is Fairy Tail (really?! I never would have guessed!)

7. My second favorite anime is probs a tie between Akatsuki no Yona and Wolf's Rain (I'm in love with Shin-Ah and Hige)

8. I am pansexual! Which means I'm attracted to people based on personality rather than their sex, age, religion, previous gender or looks.

9. I recently came out to my mother and she is totally accepting. My father (sperm donor as I call him) not as much.

10. I have six siblings: Marc, Ashley, Matthew, Cyrus, Rhealyn and Lily and they are all my half siblings! Rhealyn lives with me xD

11. I have self harmed but have been clean for about two months now.

12. I am currently single but crushing on this gorgeous girl that also just happens to be a really good friend of mine.

13. Good Mythical Morning has become part of my daily routine.

14. When I'm not obsessing over anime, I'm obsessing over Markiplier or the Avengers (mainly Iron Man. I mean Tony Stark. I mean Robert Downy JR.)

15. I have seen each Marvel movie about six times each and I still get excited every time I do.

16. I have a really big fear of thunder and lighting.

17. I also have a fear of getting into a car accident. Mostly getting T-boned.

18. My best friend is going to be moving in with me, which is super exciting.

19. My birthday is November 4th, 1998.

20. My all time favorite book series (it's actually a tie) is Maximum Ride and Divergent.


I nominate all of you! Those of you reading this right now! Post your twenty facts in the comments while your waiting for tomorrow's chapter and I will see you, in the next chapter.



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