Chapter Twenty-two: A wiped memory can ruin your whole day.

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~Lucy Heartfilia~

"Killed....Ben and Lila?" Yuri whispered, eyes wide as Lucy glared at Wilfred. "What....How...I..."

"Yeah you did." Saika snorted, flipping her hair over her shoulder as the sword rested against her skin. "Don't act dumb. I remember it all."

"What exactly do you remember?" Diachi asked and Saika turned towards him.

"Yuri with her hands wrapped around a sword straight through Ben." Saika said bluntly and Arashi's eyebrows raised. "Then, blood, screaming and you two doing absolutely nothing." The brown haired girl pointed at the two boys individually as she said this and Lucy suddenly felt sick to her stomach-was Saika telling the truth? Had Lucy and the others been helping murderers? Yuri shook her head almost spastically as she looked at Saika helplessly.

"I didn't kill Ben! Is he really-"

"This is what I hate about you, Yuri." Saika interrupted the blonde swiftly who made a sound of surprise. "You think you can play innocent and get everyone to like you. But you're far from innocent." Saika said, snorting. Lucy watched the brunette intently before turning back to Wilfred who was watching in interest.

"Wilfred." Lucy said, catching the older mans attention. "This is pointless. Yuri didn't kill Ben! I know the story!"

"Saria," Wilfred said, catching Saika's attention. "Take the traitors and do what you wish."

"Yes, sir." She said and the guards holding Yuri, Diachi and Arashi dragged the three teens away.


"Stay safe, Yuri!" Lucy yelled helplessly. The three were dragged out, leaving Lucy, Wilfred and the guard holding her back alone. Wilfred sighed as he crossed his legs at the knees and watched the blonde intently.

"These past few weeks you have been feeling sick, correct? Thomas, you can let her go." Wilfred directed towards the man who held Lucy to which he responded with letting Lucy go. Lucy took ahold of her badged arm and Wilfred smirked, rubbing his fingers over the keys in his hand.

"Lavender Acid." Wilfred said, holding up Aquarius's key. "It's a spell that I cast on the Celestial Spirit world."

"Does anything you say make any sense?" Lucy asked and Wilfred sighed before putting his hand up in her direction. Lucy's eyes widened as he clenched his hand slightly and pain, like a million swords stabbing into her repeatedly, shot through her body, causing her to scream loudly. He smirked, curling his fingers down and the pain increased, Lucy's screams cut off due to the amount of pain she was receiving. Her eyes opened suddenly as she heard a familiar yell although it was pained in type.

"V-Virgo?!" She gasped as Wilfred cackled. The pink haired spirit looked up with one eye shut.

"H-Hime!" She gasped and Lucy turned to Wilfred, intense pain still coursing through her body.

"L-Lucy..." A voice moaned and Lucy's eyes widened as she realized-all of her spirits lay out around her, all covered slightly by the same purple colors in various spots.

"What are you doing?! Leave....leave my spirits alone!" Lucy choked out as Wilfred cackled. She watched as a hole behind his chair opened up, revealing a golden container with ten notches inside. Wilfred walked to it and looked at Lucy who was still in immense pain, before plucking out Aquarius's key who was on the ground next to Virgo. Wilfred placed her key in one of the notches and golden, shiny chains shot from the ground and wrapped around the spirits tail, arms, torso and neck, sealing her to the ground. Aquarius let out a grunt, her hands clenching in pain.

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