Chapter Nine: Rebelion

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The picture above is Yuri. I'm not the best at graphic design but I figured you guys might want to see her :)


~Lucy Heartfilia~
Yuri practically sprinted into the town when the group passed by the gates. The small blonde Mage gained surprised gazes by the guards but the amount of care that the girl didn't give was outstanding.

"Arashi its so nice!" She said, a happy smile causing Lucy to almost forget the anger that has been on her face an hour ago.

"I wonder if-"

"Ah!" Yuri gasped, interrupting Arashi.

"What is it?" Gray asked.

"She's still in business! Arashi!" Yuri squealed happily. Gray sweat-dropped and with a sigh put his fingers to his forehead.

"She's almost as crazy as Juvia." He sighed and Juvia sniffed.

"Gray-sama!" She sobbed suddenly. "You're so cruel to Juvia!" Gray turned quickly to the girl and patted her head awkwardly as if to comfort her as the water Mage sobbed, waterfall tears falling down her cheeks.

"Jeez this isn't a soap opera, calm down." Gajeel griped, beginning to slightly struggle under Diachi's dead weight. Levy was at his side even though the angry look was still on her face.

"The town is very pretty." Wendy said, trying to calm the group even though she only had the attention of three exceeds and Erza.

"Ah. It's quaint." Erza said with a pleasant smile on her face. A slight breeze stirred her scarlet hair and she held it out of her face with a hand.

"I think it's to small." Charle complained.

"Aye." Happy said.

"Well if you remember, the guild took up a majority of the town and it was destroyed." Lily countered.

"It's still small."


Wendy gave a helpless chuckle as she sweat-dropped. "Can't you pretend to enjoy yourself?" She asked and Charle's eyes went flat.

"I'll pretend when I actually begin to enjoy." She said simply and Wendy sighed. Lucy smiled and looked at Natsu who was silent, for once. He was looking around, as if thinking to him self.

"Natsu?" Lucy asked, peering at the salmon haired Mage. His brow furrowed in thought.

"Did you summon the cow?" He asked and Lucy blinked.



Lucy turned her head quickly and her eyes widened.

"T-Taurus?!" She cried.

The bull was lunging toward her, ax raised, a look of desperate, warning shock on his face.

Lucy cried out as she was tackled to the side, wincing in pain when her bare shoulder hit the rough, dirt road. "N-Natsu!" She stammered, looking up at him in bewilderment. Natsu had his right arm securely around her waist and his left arm braced against the ground. He had his head turned back, looking at Taurus who was breathing heavily, his hand on the handle of his ax loosely, the blade of it sticking out of a nearby café. The people in side had mixed looks of horror and shock on their faces and the people who had been on the streets were gone, screaming as they ran away.

"Taurus! I-I didn't summon you!"

"I know! I just appeared out of no where and now-" Taurus cried as he picked up his ax, bracing his feet against the ground as he readied himself to lunge again. "I can't control my mooovements!"

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