Fairy Tail- Things Have Changed- Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Rowen and  Gale by Magdalenka1123
Fairy Tail- Things Have Changed- N...by DragonHeart
This is a fan-fiction about fairy tail, it will describe the (love) life of the characters in the anime. This is my first ever fan-fiction so please be generous to me pl...
  • nalu
  • rowen
  • gale
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Goodnight kitten {P.JM x reader} by Minian-lips
Goodnight kitten {P.JM x reader}by 🖤~미니안~🖤
You were bought like an animal and treated like an animal, now you only have to be an animal. But you're not... "Prrr..." "You don't like the tail? You b...
  • namjoon
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  • jeonjungkook
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Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow Updates] by wolfdragon1
Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow...by dragongirl
Thana is a little girl who joined fairy tail a little after Erza. Though she has been in the guild for eight years the only people that truly know her are mirajane, laxu...
  • slayer
  • poison
  • tail
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Asami The Water Dragon Slayer by mei1524
Asami The Water Dragon Slayerby mei1524
Her blue eyes flickered over to her husband with a soft expression on her face, despite the bad things that had happened before, she knew that without a doubt she would...
  • dragonslayer
  • anime
  • grayfullbuster
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Kitten by taeiwi
Kittenby ᴏᴘᴘᴀ
"From now on,I'm your master,and you're just my sex slave." Top!Master!Jungkook Bottom!Hybrid!Taehyung [Completed]
  • bottae
  • master
  • topkook
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Fairy Tail Inc. by kasi001
Fairy Tail Inc.by kasi001
Lucy Heartfilia is a sucessful author working for Fairy Tail Inc. and recently she has acquired a new artist to work under her, not knowing that she would fall in love...
  • fairy
  • nalubaby
  • nalulemon
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Acnologia's a Father!? by BriZiculasSkits
Acnologia's a Father!?by BriZiculasSkits
Lucy has been feeling weak ever since the grand magic games.Though the guild think other wise,this isn't enough to convince Lucy.After thinking things through she decide...
  • acnoligiasdaughter
  • fairy
  • lucyheartfilia
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Through Hell - NaLu Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by DarkDem0nGirl
Through Hell - NaLu Fanfiction [CO...by FairyTailFanfics
Natsu and Lucy got arrested by the magic council, and tortured. How far will Natsu go to save Lucy? How will their relation turn out after this? Will they still be just...
  • lucyxnatsu
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  • heartfilia
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l love you but do you ?(Nalu fanfiction) by salinaguo
l love you but do you ?(Nalu fanfi...by Live Happy
Lucy heartfillia is your average teenage girl that wants to go to fairy tail one of the best schools in magnolia, with an average life until her mother dies and her fath...
  • tail
  • gale
  • jerza
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Tamer Of Chaos. (New version.)  by Primsgirl89
Tamer Of Chaos. (New version.) by Savannah
From the beginning they feared him. They shut him out of their lives. He grew to be rude and and lonely. He only has one ally and even then he fears him, for a reason no...
  • fanfiction
  • natsudragneel
  • fairy
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Water and Fire [Natsu X Reader] (Completed) by kimi--
Water and Fire [Natsu X Reader] (C...by kimi
The Girl Assigned her brother's mission ends up falling in love with the enemy? ~~~~~~ I don't Own Fairy Tail! || Thanks for 20k ❤️
  • lucyheartfilia
  • grayfullbuster
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Just catch me || colu~ by bluelionlance
Just catch me || colu~by Matany rose
"It all started with that guild 'Fairy Tail' didn't it?" "It's going to END with Fairy Tail." "The end of the wretched guild is soon upon us.&q...
  • fairy
  • tail
  • love
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Breakaway by tspofnutmeg
Breakawayby tspofnutmeg
Original Story and First Two Chapters Have Credit To: DefendTheUndefended New Story and Chapters Have Credit To: BloodofSeptember Twice a month, Natsu Dragneel leaves Fa...
  • guild
  • natsu
  • anime
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Vampire's Last Kind by x_Rivalryxx
Vampire's Last Kindby OriginalWish_Dreamz
In one colossus world, lived many creatures. Some powerful and fearless. Others weak and scared. This world was known as, Magnolia. Vampires. The creature known as quee...
  • fairytail
  • romance
  • vampire
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Sparks will fly ( Laxus X Reader ) by hannahadams1000
Sparks will fly ( Laxus X Reader )by ♡𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱♡
You, (f/n) (l/n), are the greatest thief in all of Fioré. You can break into any place with ease, and never trip any magic alarm made to man. With all the disguises comb...
  • thief
  • cute
  • tail
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Jessie Celestia (A Sting Eucliffe x OC FanFic) by Crystalmy188
Jessie Celestia (A Sting Eucliffe...by Angst Queen ;)
Jessie Celestia, a rare 19-year old multi-magic user, returns to Fairy Tail after hearing Fairy Tail won the Grand Magic Games against SaberTooth. Jessie hasn't been ho...
  • comedy
  • tail
  • magic
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Fairy Tail Preferences  | Male Version by DestinyErza
Fairy Tail Preferences | Male Ver...by Trash 💕🌙✨
[REQUESTS: Open] - Natsu - Gray - Jellal - Loke - Laxus - Gajeel - Sting - Rogue - Lyon - DISCLAIMER- I don't own fairy tail or it's characters, I also don't own the cov...
  • xreader
  • humour
  • natsu
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Dragon Queen by kpoplyfe1010
Dragon Queenby fairy tail zeref
Completed story. Lucy starts to get ignored after a long lost friend of the people of fairy tail thought was dead. this person is none other than Lisanna. Lucy gets beat...
  • wattys2018
  • jellalxlucy
  • fairytailships
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Fairy Tail One Shots by pinkcakez
Fairy Tail One Shotsby Bri 🍂
This is just a whole bunch of fairy tail one shots dedicated to NaLu, GaLe, Gruvia, Jerza, Miraxus, and many more. Also,there will be lemon in some of them....but not al...
  • gruvia
  • nalu
  • lemon
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Fairy Tail Song Of The Fairies by monstergal31
Fairy Tail Song Of The Fairiesby monstergal31
Lucy Heartfilia is a new student at Fairy Tail High School Of Creative Arts. Everyone thinks that Lucy is just a nerdy girl who wears clothes that are too big for her. L...
  • music
  • fairy
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