Chapter Twenty-Seven: Lucy Heartfilia - sacrifice?

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~Lucy Heartfilia~

Lucy was led roughly up a hill, her feet stumbling over themselves as the shackles rubbed her ankles raw. 'I'm a sacrifice.' She thought to herself sourly. 'Shouldn't I be treated, I don't know, nicely?' She looked up as her blonde hair fell into her eyes and watched the large cart carrying her friends hiccup over a stone, the horses in front snorting as they walked along the path. She saw a podium on the top of the hill and as they approached, her heart sank when a large pole caught her attention. The blondes eyes traveled back towards the carriage in front of her and her heart tugged as she waited for that familiar pink hair to pop up between the bars on the door. Of course, she did not.

The carriage and Lucy came to a stop next to the large pole and Lucy weakly put up a fight as she was fastened to the pole with magic and rope by a large, pillow like mage. She looked up as her friends were led out of the carriage only to be immediately contained in a magic made cage. Natsu walked forward to the edge of the cage and stuck his hand out, his fingers touching the bars softly. He jerked it back quickly and stared at his hands in disbelief before his eyes made his way to the captive blonde.

"Lucy." He said softly.

"Natsu. Everyone." She said, giving off a small smile.

Another, more fancy, carriage rolled forward and the door opened slowly, Ayame, Edward, Rin and Wilfred stepping out. Ayame and Edward threw cocky grins at the captive mages whereas Rin had her eyes locked on the ground, her normally tan face pale. Lucy spotted Saika and Yuri in the cage clinging to each other and Diachi stood next to them, his hands shoved into his pockets in a carefree manner. Juvia held Gray up in a standing position and Levy held onto Gajeel's arm, looking at her friend in worry.

Lucy looked down at her simple white dress before turning her head to look at a stone table next to her. Wilfred approached, pulling her keys from his pocket. Lucy's heart tugged as he placed them in a circle on the surface of the table. Ayame skipped around Lucy, humming a weird tune as Edward walked forward, flipping a knife through his fingers. Wilfred breathed in through his nose deeply before turning and nodding at Edward. Edward looked at Wilfred before raising his arms towards the keys, closing his eyes.

"Shō kan-kō no O miko shōkan." He murmured before dragging the knife across his palm. Scarlet blood spilled from his hand and Edward clutched his hand into a fist before approaching the stone table, raising his fists over the keys. The blood dripped onto the keys and Lucy's jaw clenched as she watched Loke's purple key get covered in blood. Edward continued to chant as he handed the knife to Ayame, who repeated his process and joined the chant.

"What....what is that?" Lucy murmured, eyes wide as a white orb began to grow from the keys. Wilfred smiled widely before turning towards Lucy with a maniacal grin.

"That is Catalia. Catalia Nervosa!" His tone raised as he approached Lucy with the knife and wide eyes. Lucy tried to shrink into the pole as he held up the knife.

"Lucy!" Natsu said as Wilfred brought the knife down into the blondes stomach. "Lucy! No!"

Lucy looked down at her stomach as Wilfred pulled the knife out, the dress growing red quickly. Blood dripped past her lips and she heard, almost in the back of her mind, the sound of something clashing against the cage. Her name being screamed also was heard and she looked up as Wilfred held the knife over her keys, her blood dripping onto them. Wilfred cut his own hand and shouted the incantation, thrusting his hand out towards the keys as his blood splattered onto the scarlet colored keys.

The white orb shot into the sky and made its way towards Lucy who was still staring at the hole in her stomach. The blonde looked up weakly as, before her eyes, the orb materialized into a see through tall woman with white hair, purple eyes and a curvaceous body. The woman smirked and stepped forward, sliding into Lucy's body.

"I'll be taking over now." A voice said in her head and Lucy fell into oblivion.


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