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Epilogue: Boom.

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A curvaceous woman stood with her arms crossed over her chest, her bodacious breasts practically falling out of her skimpy dress. She looked relatively normal except for the fact that two horns curved around on each side of her face. A strange marking resided on her forehead, her eyes latched on the large building beneath her-the council building to be exact.

"Is this the place, Sayla?" A voice asked behind her, causing her to turn and look back.

"Kyouka-sama." She murmured, looking the other woman's mask and the grungy man next to her. "Jackal-sama." She said, acknowledging the animalistic looking man. She turned towards the building again and nodded, adjusting her arms beneath her chest. "Yes, this is the council building.

Kyouka turned towards the building, a sly smile covering her violet colored lips.

"Jackal? You know what to do." Kyouka smiled and he smirked.

"All those bastards are about to go boom." He said evilly.


That's it! Here's the end!

For those of you who read the manga, how did you like this :)

For those of you who are anime only watchers, you'll see what this leads up to eventually :) the sun village arc is almost over and this story is set in between this arc and the next! When you watch the anime, maybe you can come back and be like oh! That's what she meant by this!

Thank you so much and I hope in the future that you read my Markiplier and my original story that is coming out soon :) it's called Quietly Beautiful and it's my first realistic story.

Not that I'm begging for reads or anything CX

Anyway, I am planning on making more Fairy Tail fan fictions! In the future of course and probably not until after the next arc :)

But anyway, thank your for reading Iris of an Angel's eye. I really appreciate your kind words over the last year or so since I started this story. I will see you next time!


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