Chapter Eighteen: As dark as the name implies.

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~Juvia Lockser~

Juvia walked down the streets, Gray's jacket in her arms as a tremor ran through the city. Juvia stopped, her hat flying from her head as a blast of wind blew over the town. She looked up, holding back her hair as a shatter rang threw her ears.

"The hospital...Lucy...." Juvia took off running, holding Gray's jacket tightly. She came through a clearing and another cool blast of air to blow her over onto her butt. She spotted her friends all gathered in front of the hospital and Gray, her darling Gray, standing with his fist in Loke's hand. Loke yelled his spell and his fist glowed yellow as he swung it forward, it digging deeply into Gray's stomach, making his body arch around his fist. Blood erupted from Gray's mouth in a large cloud of red and Juvia's eyes widened as he was thrown back, flying and slamming against the ground, bouncing and slamming into a nearby building with so much force that the entire building creaked slightly. Natsu yelled Gray's name and Juvia dropped his jacket, eyes wide as his body collapsed to the ground. Juvia ran forward, throwing her arm to the side with a yell of 'slicer' causing Loke to lunge to the side and she collapsed next to Gray, turning him onto his back. Juvia looked at Gray in concern as she placed her hand on his chest and leant forward, placing her ear next to Gray's lips. Her eyes widened.

"Gray-sama's....not breathing....." She murmured. "He's not breathing!" She finally screamed, whipping her head back towards the group. Loke looked at her angrily and began to approach her slowly, growling.

"Iron Dragons: Roar!" Gajeel yelled, causing Loke to stop.

Juvia turned back from the fight and stared at Gray in horror.

"No...." She whispered, eyes wide and reflection less. She swallowed and shook her head, leaning forward and tucking her hair behind her ear. "Don't die...Gray-sama." She murmured before placing her lips softly to his as her pointer and thumb finger grabbed his nose. She breathed out as tears spilt down her cheeks and she grabbed his face.



~Gray Fullbuster~

He was cold.

Everything was quiet and he was floating.

He didn't want to die.

He opened his eyes and looked around, seeing nothing but black and darkness, swirling around him. A light formed to his left and his eyes widened as it revealed a pale girl with tight, thick blue ringlets for hair with small little red circles on her cheeks. A pink umbrella was clutched delicately in her hand as she held her hand to her chest. A fight ensued from his point of view and his face reddened as he saw his hand latched onto the girls breast. Another bright light formed on his other side and he turned, now seeing this girl with short hair and orange stickiness covering her fingers, a pitiful look.

Then he saw her, unconscious on the ground as someone swung a sword down. He felt her warmth against his chest. Saw the smile on her face as he stood and yelled at the opponent.

Then saw her wriggling her butt at him, making him chuckle slightly.

Then her brown dress, long hair hanging past her shoulders, her timid smile.

Her hand in his during Unison Raid.

The look of concern on her face when he wasn't celebrating.


The way she said his name, the uplift after she said 'sama!' happily and the way she just made him feel important.

He didn't want to die but he just couldn't breath in at all. He felt like he was suffocating, drowning in water that he just couldn't feel.

Air passed his lips then and he devoured it, relieved that his lungs were being granted their wish of the cool air. Once again it passed into his lungs and he realized he could feel lips against his and the sound of slight sobbing.

Who the hell was kissing him now?

He felt the lips move from his and then a pressure jolted against his chest, quickly and repeatedly before they came back.

No...they were keeping him alive!

He wanted to breath in, wanted to say something. Hell, he wanted to open his eyes just to see who it was. Gray heard the sound of fighting, then the sound of Loke yelling out in pain.

What was going on?!

Suddenly, Gray breathed in quickly, gasping and coughing for air, a cool pair of hands assisting him to his side as he coughed up blood and threw up, his body quaking hard. As his body heaved with the remainder of the tremors in his body, the cool hands returned, pulling him up into the chest of someone familiar as they hugged him tightly.

"G-Gray-sama...." Juvia whispered happily, tears spilling down her cheeks. Gray looked over her shoulder blearily and saw the most incredible sight.

Lucy was standing in front of the group by the hospital, the bandages around her arm hanging in loose taters as she held out a black key in between her back fingers and panted heavily, Loke now gone. Natsu and the others stared at her and Gray noticed an unfazed look on Rin's face.

Gray turned back to Juvia who was now looking at him in relief, still holding his head to her shoulder and his body to her chest. The feel of her boots and legs beneath his back made him feel warm and safe and he clenched his jaw tightly.

'"No! You're a liar and....and.... I hate you!!"'

Gray looked at her and swallowed.

"J....uvia...." He murmured and she looked at him. "I....I'm sorry...." Juvia shook her head as her tears spilt and her fingers touched his face softly.

"Shh. Just rest, Gray-sama." She murmured and his head lolled against her neck as she placed a hand on the back of his head, her fingers clenching his hair.

"Thank goodness...." Was the last thing he heard before he went unconscious.



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