Chapter Twenty-five: Sadness and loss

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~Arashi Kururugi~

Arashi had no clue as to what was happening. His feet were stumbling against the ground though his eyes, he held them shut, the shackles around his wrists clinking against his stomach. The blindfold that he normally wore had been torn off but he could smell that Saika was right next to him, her slim fingers wrapped tightly around his arm as she led him away from his friends.

He had no clue as to what was going to happen.

Warmth hit his face and he tilted his head back, his hair falling from his face.

'Sunshine?' He thought to himself, his brow furrowing. Sweat shone on his forehead, damp as a single drop tracked down his temple and hit the corner of his eye, making him swallow out of fear- he had been out here for maybe a minute and the heat was already sweltering. Wasn't this supposed to be December?

He let out a yelp as he was shoved to the ground, unable to stop himself from smacking face first down into the ground.

It was dirt.

Arashi lay there, climbing up slightly to his elbows as he kept his closed eyes focused towards the ground. He swallowed again and his Adam's apple rubbed against the collar of his tight black shirt. He felt the vibrations of footsteps as Saika's boots walked around to his head. He heard her cloak shift as she knelt in front of him and the clinking of his shackles as she unlocked and removed them from his wrists.

"S-Saika..." He murmured as he heard her clothes shift again.

"Open your eyes, Arashi." Saika muttered, making him turn his head towards her. "It's fine. Just don't meet my eyes just yet." Arashi's hands formed into fists, pulling up dirt slowly as he cracked his eyes open, blinking as his eyes focused.

He knew how they looked with black where white should lay and a bright blue color for the iris'. They were hideous. He turned his head towards Saika and let his eyes drift upwards towards the back of her head, letting out a suppressed breath that he hadn't know he had been holding.

It really was her...

She turned back towards him and he lowered his eyes to her stomach, swallowing.

"What do you want, Saika..." He murmured, sitting on his knees.

"I want to fight you." She said bluntly. His shoulders jerked as he raised his head slightly.


"Yuri killed Ben and Lila..." Saika said softly and Arashi blinked. "I have no reason beyond killing her to live."


"Arashi. Don't tell me that she didn't do it. I know that she did." Saika said, not looking at him. Arashi's eyes focused on the side of her face and his heart tugged. He knew she had been in love with Ben...but couldn't she see that Arashi was there? How he felt about her? How could she just want to die when she had all of her friends? Yuri didn't kill Ben and Lila but Arashi knew that Saika and Rin wouldn't listen to his argument. Saika turned towards him and he dropped his eyes, focusing on her hands. "You don't understand."

"Saika. Why choose me?" He asked. "I don't want to kill you. No...I won't kill you. You know that."

"You're the traitor. You should be able to figure that out." Saika said. Arashi clenched his fists before dragging himself to his feet, focusing his eyes instead on her forehead, not meeting her eyes.

"I'm not a traitor."

"You went off with Yuri. I understand Diachi going with her-he's in to deep to be able to dig his ass back out. But you..." Saika crossed her arms, gripping each arm tightly. "You just went."

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