Chapter Two: Meeting Strangers

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Port town of Hargeon.

"Two days!? Why is it going to take that long to get a boat?!" Lucy asked, eyes wide as she looked at the dock master. He looked at her, jutting out his chin.

"Because you want a boater to take you out, yes?" He asked in a high-pitched nasally voice.


"Do you want a nice boat?"

"It's be nice...but, we need to get to Catsman by tonight!" Lucy was pleading, holding her hands to her chest. Juvia stood silently behind her, suitcase in one hand and an extra coat in the other.

"Lucy...Juvia thinks we should look somewhere else." She said, looking at the back of Lucy's head. Lucy sighed.

"Yeah ok." She said and the girls walked out of the building. Being greeted by a cold gust of wind, Juvia automatically pulled her thick jacket on over her blue dress. Men whistled as Lucy held her skirt down, blushing in embarrassment.

"Maybe you should change, Lucy." Juvia said, zipping up her jacket.

"Yeah....l'll change the moment we get to Catsman." Lucy said, shrugging her shoulders up.

"Let her go!"



Lucy and Juvia froze, turning.

"Did you hear that?" Lucy asked.

"Juvia thinks we should check it out." Juvia said, looking at Lucy. A scream rang through the air and the girls ran down an alleyway.

"Hey!" Lucy yelled as her eyes focused on the scene; six figures standing at the end of the dead end street. One guy was holding onto one cloaked figure while two more people, also cloaked, were being held to the ground by two others. Juvia halted next to Lucy as the hooligans looked up and her breath caught, eyes widening as Lucy pulled out her keys.

"B-Bora..." She said, holding her hand to her chest. The man mentioned smirked, wrapping his arm around the waist of the hooded person.

"Juvia." He said. "It's been a while." Juvia stepped back, biting her lip. "Where's the dreary rain of yours? This is new." He stepped forward, dragging the now revealed to be a very curvaceous girl with him. The girl kicked at him. Juvia grit her teeth.

"Don't listen to this jerk, Juvia!" Lucy yelled and Juvia looked at her.

"Open! Gate of the Golden Bull; Taurus!!" Lucy yelled, thrusting the key in her hand forward. Bora's eyes widened as the bull appeared.

"Not again!" He yelled and pushed the girl, causing her to fall to the ground.

"No harm shall come to any pretty ladies! Moo!" Taurus shouted, lunging forward and swinging his mighty ax. Bora's companions screamed and ran, letting go of the two people on the ground.

"Should I go after them, Lucy-sama?" Taurus asked, turning his massive head towards the blonde in question. Lucy shook her head.

"No. You can go home now." She said and Taurus shimmered away with a 'moo!'

"Oh wow...." The girl on the ground said, pulling her self to her feet. Lucy and Juvia looked up as the girl pushed her hood back. "You're a celestial mage!" The girl gushed, her bright green eyes twinkling. Lucy blinked.

"Y-Yeah? So?" She questioned and the girl giggled, holding her hand to her mouth.

"I've always wanted to meet one!" The girl said, smiling. Lucy faltered for a moment, her eyes scanning over the pretty girl.

"Calm down, Yu-chan..." One of the figures on the ground said, pulling himself to his feet. He pushed his hood back, revealing red cloth covered eyes and put his hand on his hip. The other person pushed themselves up silently, removing his hood to look up at Lucy and Juvia through his dark burgundy hair.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself," the girl said, tilting her head with a closed eyed smile. "My name is Yuri Farren. These are my teammates Diachi Arlet-kun and Arashi Kururugi." She said gesturing to the silent boy first then the other.

Yuri was a small girl, smaller then even Levy, with a curvaceous figure and long, blonde hair that reached to her lower back and hung over one eye. Green eyes twinkled through thick, black eyelashes and pink lips smiled sweetly at the two Fairy Tail mages as her turquoise shirt blinked at them through her black cloak.

Diachi was tall, with strong shoulders and an attractive face. He had spiky burgundy hair that was flopped over one eye, the other dark brown orb staring at them. A darkened scar extended from below his eyebrow down to his jaw, causing Lucy to think that he may be blind on that one eye, due to the cloudiness of the iris.

Arashi was the tallest, standing at least a foot over his fellow male teammate. A red cloth was wrapped around his eyes, obscuring the majority of his face and his dark brown hair brushed against his nose in loose strands.

"Um, I'm Lucy Heartfilia. This is Juvia Lockser and-"

Yuri gasped, eyes widening. "No way! Are you guys from Fairy Tail!?" She questioned loudly, causing her male teammates to wince.

"Yu-chan...." Arashi sighed.

"Quiet down." Diachi said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Yeah? How'd you guess?" Lucy asked. Yuri raised a delicate eyebrow and gestured towards Lucy's hand and Juvia's thigh. Lucy blushed slightly.

"Right..." She said, laughing nervously. Yuri smiled, but soon, the smile fell.

"We're from a guild as well....but it's gone now so..." Yuri said softly and Lucy blinked.

"Gone?" Juvia questioned aloud and Yuri nodded.

"Would you guys like to get something to eat?" Arashi asked, breaking the silence with the rushed question. "It's the least we can do to repay you." He smiled in the direction of the girls.

"U-uh sure..." Lucy said and Juvia nodded silently. Arashi's smile widened.



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