Iris of an Angels Eye (a Fairy Tail fanfiction)

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Life is normal in the guild called Fairy Tail.

Until the day a single, tan piece of parchment is tacked to the request board, drawing a certain blonde haired, celestial mages eye. Interested in the job, Lucy Heartfilia asks Juvia Lockser to help her out, much to the surprise, and dismay, of Team Natsu.

As the two girls head out on a mission, they run into three teens who are on the run from the dark guild, Lost Dreams, the guild also listed on the paper Lucy grabbed.

The teens reveal a dangerous secret and the girls take them back to Fairy Tail, realizing just how dangerous this mission is.

In a race against the clock, Team Natsu helps the three teens, protecting them, saving them and friending them. Little do they know, Lucy is in just as much danger as the teens.

Because her celestial spirits are no longer responding. She's growing weak and she has become the number one target of Lost Dreams.

She is the key....

To destroying the world.


Hey guys!

So I couldn't wait any longer so I have to make a new Fanfiction!!


So once again, Nalu is the main factor. But, I'm gonna make Gruvia and Gale more evident in this one ;) I making this one more....descriptive.

I've been working on my other stories but.....I just needed to do this ^.^

If you haven't checked out my other Fanfiction, you should, if you wouldn't mind.

It's called I will see you again.


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