Chapter Twenty-Eight: Catalia Nervosa...tragedy.

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~Natsu Dragneel~

Natsu rammed his body against the sides of the cage, wincing slightly at the shock it gave him every time he did.

"Stand back." He instructed to his friends before glaring at the bars. "Fire Dragons: Roar!" Hot flames burst forth from the mouth of the dragon slayer, hitting the bars with a loud clash. Once again, the magic inside shot back at shocked him and Natsu was thrown back, slamming into a figure behind him. With a grunt, the two fell back to the ground and Natsu sat up with a curse. He turned his head and was surprised to find Diachi beneath him, making the pink haired boy stand and help the younger boy to his feet.

"I think I may be able to do something." He said, his voice a rare deepness that Natsu wasn't used to hearing even though he had been around the boy for almost a month. Diachi reached inside his cloak and pulled out a purple scarf. Natsu recognized it also immediately, as did Gajeel who let a grunt of question.

"Diachi-kun. No." Yuri said. The boy looked at her as he wrapped the scarf around his hand.

"What is it?" Levy asked. Natsu looked up at Lucy whose chin was touching her chest and his heart tugged.

"It's the strongest demon that I have." Diachi said, looking at the scarf on his hand. The group paused as Wilfred let out a maniacal laugh, Ayame and Edward bowed in front of Lucy's limp body on their knees, both of their foreheads rested on the ground. The other mages all followed suit as Wilfred turned towards Lucy's body, arms outstretched as if he wanted a hug.

"Oh Catalia Nervosa! Rise! Awaken o great one!" He practically screamed, his eyes dilated almost to points in his wide-eyed gaze. "Wake and show these heathens your power!"

"Lucy..." Natsu growled as the blonde raised her head. He blinked as the girl smiled, her eyes twinkling.

Her purple eyes.

This wasn't his Lucy.

"Is this really the way I get greeted?" Lucy asked in a lilting voice, one of her thin eyebrows raising im amusement. Wilfred bowed his head apologetically before running forward and cutting the rope away from the blondes arms. Her fingers rubbed the spot delicately as she looked around and smirked.

"Catalia," Wilfred started, going to his knee in a bow. "You have no idea how long I have yearned for this day." Lucy turned her head to look at her arm, the one wrapped in bandages.

"Hoh? This is my vessel and yet I sense...poison?" Lucy asked, looking at Wilfred.

"Y-yes." He replied nervously. "You're correct. But, I have good reason."

"And that reason is?"

"Lucy Heartfilia was to strong-"

"To strong for a mage like you?" Catalia interrupted, aiming her purple gaze down at him. Wilfred shrunk back and bowed his head.

"I am sincerely so-"

"Nevermind that. Rise, boy." She said and Wilfred rose to his feet. Catalia walked forward and Natsu watched in awe as she used Lucy's hands to touch Wilfred's face. His face twisted into a disgusted grimace as she stood on her tiptoes.

And kissed Wilfred.

The entire caged group stared in disbelief as Lucy -- no, Catalia -- pulled back, licking her lips.

"Thank you." She said, causing Wilfred's brow to furrow.


The sound of metal penetrating flesh sounded across the hill, making Natsu's eyes widen in horror.

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