Chapter Thirty-Three: Lucy, come on.

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Natsu was ready to just let go of the earth, to jump after the blonde. Natsu screamed her name again as he watched her grow smaller. A hand wrapped around his wrist and he looked up, crying out as he was pulled up and into a chest. Natsu turned his head up and spotted Gray, holding him tightly as Wendy ran forward.

"Gray?" Natsu questioned, suddenly exhausted. Gray smirked, rolling his eyes.

"Damn, you really created a mess didn't you, shit head."

"Lucy!" Natsu exclaimed suddenly. "We need to get her!"

"Calm down, Natsu-san!" Wendy said in an exasperated tone, green light glowing beneath her hands over his shoulder.

"But Lucy! Are you just going to for-"

Mirajane came flying out of the crevice, a limp figure in her arms. Laxus watched her as she stumbled to the ground and approached her silently as she knelt and placed the form on the ground. Laxus placed two fingers against the forms throat and leaned down to listen for air.

"She's alive." He said.

Natsu looked up and spotted Lucy, laying on the ground and pulled away from Gray, crawling towards Lucy's unconscious form. He could feel his guild mates gaze on him as he collapsed next to the blonde. He reached up to touch her face, smiling in relief.

"Lucy..." He murmured before his eyes drifted shut. He felt someone take him into their arms and he felt like a child again, small against the large chest. He felt a small hand touch his head and his eyes fluttered open. "Jii-san..." He murmured, looking up and spotting the underside of Laxus's jaw. As Natsu's head lolled forward against Laxus's chest and heard, barely before he fell into oblivion, Laxus say:

"You did good, you flame head."


~Gray Fullbuster~

Gray closed the door behind him quietly, the towel wrapped loosely around his waist as cool water droplets dampened his hair. He stretched, loving the feel of a shower, the feeling of being clean and his hand went to the wound on his stomach. Three days after the end of the world almost happened and things in Fairy Tail had resumed, becoming just as chaotic as normal. Today, they were throwing a funeral for Yuri and the others-it was the least they could do. Juvia was still upset but she was smiling more often, even going on a few missions when she wasn't helping him clean his wounds. Lucy and Natsu were both awake and had been avoiding one another, Gray noticing a blush on each of their cheeks if they even glanced at one another.

As he got dressed, Gray pursed his lips in thought, scrubbing a hand through his wet hair, causing it to stand on end. He looked at himself in the mirror and snorted, brushing his hair back down. A soft knock on his door made him raise an eyebrow before going to it, his shirt in his hands. Opening the door, Gray was surprised to find Juvia, standing there and shuffling back and forth on her feet.

"Juvia?" He questioned and she silently held up her hand. Her face was red and he furrowed his brow as he held out his own hand, watching as she dropped the object in his hand. "My necklace?" He asked and Juvia looked down.

"G-Gray-sama left that in Juvia's room. His shirt is there too but Juvia didn't know how to smuggle it over here. Juvia thought that people would question it." Juvia said, smiling slightly.

"Why would people question it?" Gray asked, confused. Juvia's face went a darker shade of red, her cheeks puffing up as she reached up and grabbed her hat, pulling it farther down over her face. "You were helping me with my wounds."

"G-Gray-sama's shirt in Juvia's room sounds...sounds so scandalous." She murmured and Gray remained silent before realizing what she was saying. His face went red and he awkwardly scratched his left cheek.

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