Chapter Eight: Arriving in Catsman...and finding a clue?

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~Lucy Heartfilia~
Lucy streched, yawning loudly as she emerged from the carriage.

"How much we have to be in this...wooden carriage of death." Natsu whined, crawling out of the cart.

"Stop complaining, Salamander." Gajeel said, who was a slight shade of purple in the face. "We're already here."

"Oh thank everything." Natsu said and Lucy smiled. Yuri and Arashi pulled Diachi out of the carriage and Juvia, Gray and Levy exited after them. Wendy carried Charle in her arms and looked over the small hill over looking the small town of Catsman, Erza at her side.

"Oh wow..." Wendy breathed and Yuri looked up, leaving Diachi with Arashi.
"Home...." Yuri said with a small smile. Lucy looked at the small blonde girl who in turn looked at her.

"That big blank spot in the middle of town," Yuri said, turning back toward the city. "That's were our guild hall used to be."

Lucy gaped at the large area which seemed like it had been blown up. She could see that the houses and buildings surrounding the area had either been completely obliterated or partially destroyed and that the land was just a gigantic black smudge in the otherwise green surroundings.

"Wow. Something really big must have happened here." Natsu said simply.

"Yeah. The destruction of our guild, numb nuts." Arashi said irritably. Gajeel walked over to the hill and crossed his arms.

"So who do we go to find out who to punch?" He asked.

"Probably Mayor Pepperson." Yuri said. "He'd be your best bet."

"Yeah." Arashi said. "Can we get Diachi to a hotel or something?"

"Yes that'd probably be the best choice." Erza said.

"I am not getting back into that death machine." Natsu said.

"You don't have to." Yuri said, looking at the pink haired boy. "The village isn't assessable by carriage or car or any mode of transportation. We can only get there by foot."


"That's the way the founders made it." She said and Gajeel groaned.

"That means we have to carry Sleeping Beauty here all the way down there." He said, gesturing at Diachi who was laying on the ground then down at the town.

The group was silent.

"Maybe if I..." Natsu said, raising a flaming fist. Erza glared at him so he quickly diminished the flames, looking down sheepishly.

"If we are gonna wake him then we'll do it in a civil way." She said, looking at Natsu who in turn tucked his shoulders in and continued to look down.

"Wendy," the scarlet haired girl turned to look at the bluenette. "Do you have anything that can wake him?"

Wendy looked at the sleeping boy and pursed her lips.

"I can try. I'm not sure that my magic will do anything against Arashi-san's Magic."

"I wouldn't even try. He'll wake up on his own time. It's irreversible, my magic I mean and other magic or normal means won't wake him." Arashi said, looking up at the group. Levy looked over at Gajeel.

"I can help you with him if you would like." She said and Gajeel scoffed.

"I can do it my self." He said and Levy pursed her lips, an angry blush forming on her cheeks. Juvia looked over at Gray who was watching the city with an inquisitive look on his face.

"Gray-sama what's wrong?" She asked and he crossed his arms over his white trench coat.

"I don't know. But doesn't the explosion site....look kinda suspicious?" He asked and the water Mage walked towards him.

"Yeah. It does." She said simply, her blue eyes searching.

"Suspicious? How so?" Lucy asked.

"That blast doesn't look like it exploded outwards." Juvia said. "It looks like it...exploded inwards."

"What?" Lucy asked, looking at the pair bewildered.

"I don't understand it myself." Gray said. "It looks like it was purposely destroyed."

"What are you implying?" Yuri asked, standing up.

"I'm not implying anything, blondie. Sit down." Gray snapped.

"Excuse you?! My best friends were kidnapped by the same guild that attacked your guild. And your trying to say that it's suspicious?"

"Calm down, Yuri." Arashi said and Yuri glared at him, her sweet face twisted in anger. Gray looked at her and Lucy watched, worried.

"Yuri, please..." She said. Lucy stepped forward, placing a hand on the smaller girls arm. "Calm down. You're getting worked up."

Yuri breathed out and wiped angrily at her eyes. "Sorry." She murmured.

"I shouldn't have said anything." Gray said, turning his head away from her. Juvia looked at him and Lucy watched the blue haired girl purse her lips.

"Well let's get going." Gajeel said, pulling Diachi onto his back. He stumbled slightly and Levy was at his side immediately. "I'm fine." He said and Levy looked away.

'Things are getting heated...' Lucy thought, watching the mages. 'Even Happy is riled up. What is...what is going on?'


Chapter Ten out!

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