Chapter Sixteen: She's the key. You're just pawns.

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~Gajeel Redfox~

"This is humiliating." Gajeel griped, yanking on the shackles holding his wrists above his head. "I'm being confined in an iron cage with iron handcuffs and I can't do anything!" He yelled. The bars on either side of him separated him from Levy and Lily who were both chained in the same fashion as Gajeel.

"Can you be quiet?" Levy said, her knees up to her chest as she pulled on her wrist restraints. Gajeel looked at her and she sighed, blowing her hair out of her face. When she had been chained up, her headband had been yanked from her hair and it kept falling in her face.

Lily was in his cell, marveling over his dark skin and his feet, randomly wiggling his toes periodically.

"In a way," Levy said, looking over at him. "This is your fault." Gajeel stiffened.

"Excuse me? How's it-"

"You didn't put up a fight!" She snapped.

"You could have!" Gajeel snapped back.

"My magic isn't that strong! It wouldn't have done much!" Levy snapped again and he glared at her.

"It's strong enough to protect me it should have been enough-"

"I couldn't have guessed that they were mages from Lost Dreams! I wasn't going to fight police and get us thrown out before we could help Yuri and the others." Levy said, looking at her knees. Gajeel was quiet as he watched hers.

"Excuse me..." A small voice said from Levy's side. The two teens turned their heads towards the left and spotted a small, black haired girl sitting on the ground of her cell, blue eyes wide. "Are you two wizards?"

"Yeah...?" Levy asked. "Who are you?" The girl smiled widely, revealing sharp canines as she leaned forward.

"Rin! I'm Rin Lee! You got our request!" She cried.

"You mean....Yuri's friend?" Levy asked and Rin giggled, nodding. "Aren't you a wizard too?"

"Yeah. met Yu-chan? Are there more of you? How is she? Oh my goodness! I can't believe you met Yu-chan!" Rin was squealing as Gajeel sweat dropped.

"Yeah and Diachi and Arashi." He said and Rin gasped.

"Really?!" She asked and Gajeel nodded.

"Yeah. Don't explode." He said and she giggled again.

A large clang rang through the cell block and Rin went still as Edward walked in, dragging his fingers over the bars of different cages.

Until he stopped in front of Levy's.

"I heard you three talking." He said with a smile as two men fell to his side. "Decided I'd join you."


Gajeel scuffed the heel of his boot against the ground, swallowing. Levy had been taken a while ago-he hoped she was okay. Rin was also silent as was Lily. He thought back to their conversation with Edward.

'"Do you have something to do with Lu-chan's condition?" Levy had asked and Edward raised his eyebrow inquisitively.

"'Lu-chan' you mean Lucy Heartfilia?" He asked and smiled. "No dear, that wasn't my handiwork. That was our Masters. Terrific right?"

Gajeel glared at him as Edward unlocked Levy's cells and stepped inside.

"What has Lu-chan ever done to you?" Levy asked and Edward smiled.

"Oh it's not just her. The others as well will be used but Miss, Heartfilia...she's..." Edward shrugged. "She's special to our master. She is the holder of ten of the golden Zodiac Keys."

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