Chapter Twenty: A Celestial Eclipse.

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Lily's eyes opened slowly, feeling Happy's small body beneath him. Debris resided against his back and as he stood, it fell of him slowly, making him groan in pain. The hospital was in shambles a dust hung in the air like a thick fog that made it almost impossible to see more than an inch in front of his face. Lily pulled Happy off of the floor, holding the unconscious boy gently as he turned his head left and right, wincing at the pain through his body.

"Gajeel?" He asked out loud, his voice hoarse. Walking through the wreckage, he coughed and made his way towards the only light source he could see, needing to get out and clear his lungs. The light source ended up being what was left of one of the windows, a small hole he could barely fit through. Once outside, he gingerly say Happy on the ground and turned.

They had fallen a full floor to ground level and had been covered by the third story debris.

"Oh god..." Lily murmured, brown eyes wide. He approached the building, swallowing and put his hands to the corners of his mouth. "Gajeel! Levy! Anyone!?" He yelled, waiting shortly between each word, straining his ear for a reply of some sort. "Natsu!? Lucy?!"

There was no reply.

People were gathering around the building with gasps, murmurs and sobs. Lily even heard the words 'This is that damn Fairy Tail's fault' and his fists clenched. He turned and saw a few women checking on Happy, making him angry-they didn't care about the people inside?!

"There are people inside that building!" He roared, swiping his hand back at the remains and getting people's attention. "You're citizens and the Fairy Tail wizards! Are you not going to do anything about it?!" People started stirring and soon a few men ran forward, more joining soon after, and they began hoisting beams, plywood, ceiling and light fixtures off of the pile. Lily's heart was in his throat-just because Happy and he has survived, that didn't necessarily mean the others did. A hand pulled on his tattered pants and he looked down, spotting a small girl who couldn't be any older that six with wide brown eyes and her fingers wrapped around the cloth of his pants.

"'Scuse me mister." She said with a slight lisp due to a missing front tooth. "But you're bleeding." Lily blinked as her other hand reached up slightly and touched the small of his back, making Lily gasp. The pain registered as the girls hand pulled back scarlet and Lily collapsed to his knees, making the girl yip in surprise. A woman, he assumed was her mother ran forward, pulling the girl back and and then proceeded to slowly approach him, taking off her coat and wrapping it into a ball. Lily's eyes fluttered as he fell to his stomach, cheek hitting the ground roughly and the woman fell to her knees beside him, placing the coat onto his back. Lily let out a guttural breath as his eyes drifted over to Happy who was still lying unconscious with nurturing women around him and then to the lady above him.

"Ha....ppy." He rasped and the woman nodded.

"We'll take care of him dear," she reassured him. "You just get some rest."


Somewhere underground, a man sat in a large velvet chair, three lackeys knelt in front of him each with their own cape over their shoulders.

"She's been captured." The male said in a smooth, sultry voice, earning a giggle from his pink haired companion.

"As have the other mages." The other girl murmured, her dark eyes focused on the ground. The man in the chair rested his face against his knuckles, tapping the fingers of his free hand against the armrest of his chair.

"To bad other people died." The pink haired girl shrugged with a giggle. "Oh well." The man in the chair gave off of a malicious smile as his eyes traveled to the girl whose eyes wouldn't meet his own.

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