Chapter Twenty-three: A future speeding towards despair.

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~Natsu Dragneel~

"Hey!!! Where the hell is Lucy?!" Natsu yelled, banging his fists against the door of his cell. He had tried melting it, punching through it. He even searched the entirety of the room for a switch or something. "You hurt her I will burn you to a crisp, teme!" He got no answer in return and he rested his forehead against the door, hand next to his head in a fist. "Dammit..." He muttered, banging his fists against the door again. The small window at the top of his door rested about an inch left of his head and he looked out, taking the bars in between his fists. "Oi! Can anyone hear me?!" Natsu yelled.

"Shut up, Salamander!" Gajeel's voice came. "You're so annoying."

A vein popped out on Natsu's head as Gray yelled at him next, followed by Levy and Juvia.

"Have you guys seen Lucy or the others?" Natsu asked.

"I can't even see out of my cell." Levy's voice called and Gajeel's snort could be heard.


"Oh shut up, Gajeel."

"Juvia are you alright?"

"Are you, Gray-sama?"

"I'm asking you."

"Gray-sama is the one who is wounded."

Natsu listened to the bickering and his jaw clenched. "Where's Happy and Lily?" He asked and Gajeel gasped suddenly.

"What did they do with my cat?!" He yelled suddenly.

"Ahno..." Levy said with a nervous chuckle. "Lily isn't exactly a cat anymore. And how did you not notice he was missing stupid?!"

"I don't care! Where's my little buddy?!" Gajeel snapped.

"He's bigger than you, Gajeel."

"Shut up, Shrimp!"

"Don't be rude!"

"You're annoying me!"

Silence lapsed over the cells as Natsu clutched at the bars, his shoulders shaking in anger. A hiccuping sound sounded and Natsu spotted pale hands wrapping around the bars of the cell on the other side of the hall from him.

"Levy-san." Juvia said, her blue eyes peering over the top of the window.

"Shrimp. Don't cry." Gajeel sighed.

"No..." Levy hiccuped. "Baka...Gajeel." Natsu heard clothes shifting and he assumed she was sitting down. Gajeel grit his teeth loudly and a thud came from his cell, a sliding sound following. The hall was silent with the exception of Levy's quiet sobs and Natsu finally hung his head.

"I need to get out of here." He said, his hands warming up. The bars his hands were around began to turn hot red and Natsu tugged on them, growling.

"It's no use, Flame Brain." Gray sighed.

"I can at least try, Ice Idiot!" Natsu snapped. "I ain't giving up until I save Lucy!"

"Natsu, the world is a stake here." Levy murmured, hiccuping.

"So is Lucy's life. I ain't giving up until I save her! I've said this already!"

"God you're such a pain, idiot." Gray groaned, a slapping sound being made as he slapped his forehead.

'Lucy...' Natsu thought as he heated up his hands even more. 'Wait for me.'

"Come on you damn bars!" Natsu exclaimed, yanking on the steaming bars with the entirety of his strength.

Gajeel yelled out as a loud clanging sound was heard. "I ain't letting a damn door made of metal beat me!"

"Gajeel-kun!" Juvia exclaimed.

"I can't eat this damn stuff." Gajeel growled, slamming against the door again. "I'm just gonna smash it down!"

"I-I don't see how that's going to work." Gray said.

Natsu made a sound of surprise as hot metal began to cover his hands and he smiled widely. "Yes!" He exclaimed.

His excitement was short lived.

An electric shock clambered through his body, causing him to yell out, flying back into the far wall of his cell.

"Natsu!" Gray exclaimed.

"What the hell?!" Gajeel exclaimed before he yelled out and another loud thunk was heard.

"Gajeel-kun!" Juvia gasped.

"E-Electricity?" Natsu gasped, looking down at his burnt hands. He had never gotten burnt.

It really hurt.

Gajeel groaned, making Natsu's ears perk.

"Like a lightning rod!" He said softly. "O-Oi....G-Gajeel..."

"Gajeel! Are you ok!" Levy exclaimed quickly. She got a grunt in return.

"So it's hopeless..." Juvia said.

"L...Lucy..." Natsu said, looking at his shaking hands.

He eventually heard voices at the end of the hall and two doors opened as a females voice yelled out in pain.


"Don't hurt him!" Yuri shouted.

"Saika please!" Diachi's voice pleaded, stressed and full of desire. Natsu attempted to move to the door to see what was happening, but his limps just wouldn't cooperate.

"Don't worry about me..." Arashi said and Natsu heard the main door shut again. Sobbing was heard as the prison lapsed into silence.

"We can't do anything...." Levy's voice murmured and Natsu laid his head against the wall, gritting his jaw.

"Lucy..." He muttered as his hands laid limply against the ground.



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