Chapter Twenty-Nine: Winter Marionette - courageous goodbyes!

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~Juvia Lockser~

"There's to many of them!" Rin panted, her back bumping into Juvia's. Juvia let out a cry as she yanked her arm to the side, sending her water into dozens of small demons. "There's no end, Juvia-chan!"

"We cannot give up, Rin-san!" Juvia exclaimed, wiping at the cut on her cheek angrily. "Do you want to die now?"

"N-Not really..."

"Then don't give up!" Juvia snapped. "Water Nebula!"

Rin looked up at her and nodded, closing her eyes to focus before holding her hand out. "I'm going to borrow that, Juvia-chan! Water Nebula!" A torrent of water shot from Rin's hand and took out the demons, earning a happy smile from Rin. "Sugoi! You're magic is so strong, Juvia-chan!" Juvia's cheeks adopted a red tint as she blushed, clearing her throat.

"D-Don't get distracted, Rin-san!" Juvia stammered and Rin giggled, attacking another demon.

"Juvia-sama! Rin-chan!" A voice yelled, causing the two girls to turn their heads.

"Yu-chan!" Rin exclaimed and Juvia's heart clenched with -- was it jealousy? Even though Gray had confessed to her? -- and Yuri looked at her, her boots torn and her shirt now wrapped around her chest like a halter top. "Are you alright?"

"U-Uhn." Yuri nodded. "One of the demons tore my shirt. Gray-kun gave me this to wrap around myself."

Ah, so it was jealousy.

'Gray-sama saw Yuri-san naked?! Did he enjoy it?! Of course he enjoyed it!' Juvia seethed in her head.

"Juvia-sama?" Yuri questioned and her shoulders pricked. Rin took out more approaching demons and looked to the blue haired mage and her comrade.

"Save the talking; run!" Rin exclaimed and Juvia looked up, eyes widening as she saw the sight of a rather large demon running forward. Yuri clasped Juvia's hand and began running, dragging the water mage behind her.

"Juvia-sama!" Yuri cried as they ran, catching Juvia's attention. "Gray-kun loves you, I hope you know that!" Juvia's eyes widened when she said this and her cheeks went red. "Gray-kun was being kind to me, even after I hurt you two like that! Cherish him, Juvia-sama!"

Juvia opened her mouth to answer when Rin let out a surprised yelp, causing Juvia to look up.

"W-We're surrounded." Yuri said, green eyes wide and reflectionless as she stared at the approaching crowd. A voice yelled, followed closely by the sound of a sword cutting the air and the screams of demons as a cloaked mass landed in front of them.

"Are you three alright?" Saika asked, turning towards the girls.

"Saika-chan!" Yuri gushed and Juvia puffed out her cheeks.

"I'm not useless," she muttered, almost to herself. "I could have taken care of us." Saika swung her sword, taking out more demons.

"Then show me. Cause right now, I'm doing all the work." Saika grunted, slamming the butt of her sword against a demons head with tremendous force. Another clash sounded and soon, Diachi made his way to the girls multiple scarves hanging from his hands. He was breathing heavily but when his eyes landed on Yuri, his face relaxed with relief.

"You're alright?" He asked gruffly, taking Yuri's hands in his own. Juvia sent water after demons approaching them and watched the fleet of demons closing in with a glare as Saika and Rin took out their own. Yuri looked at him and nodded, biting her lip.

"A-Ahno, Diachi-kun-" she started and Diachi shook his head.

"Tell me later, Yuri." He said with a small smile, making the girl look up in question. Diachi turned just as a demon jumped towards them and held up the green scarf, capturing its claws inside. He twisted the scarf quickly and with a grunt, heaved the demon over his shoulder, throwing it into the ones nearest to his position. Yuri looked at Diachi when he quickly pulled the sword on his back from his sheath and handed it to her, looking at the girl silently. "You know what to do with it. So do it." He said, when he noticed her just staring at the blade. Juvia smirked.

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