Chapter Fourteen: You're a liar and I hate you.

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Three days later, Juvia was up and walking although she had to stay in the hospital. Diachi, on the other hand, couldn't walk yet but was up and griping about how much he hated hospitals.

Lucy was still unconscious and had a very high temperature. She would wake for small blocks of time and ask for water before passing back out again.

"So we need to think as to why we haven't seen anyone from Lost Dream." Gray said, leaning against the wall of Lucy's room. They were all gathered in her room, Diachi and Juvia both in wheelchairs and hospital gowns. Yuri looked at Gray from her perch on the window sill and smiled slightly, earning a glare from Juvia.

"Maybe we scared them off." Gajeel said, leaning against the wall next to Levy's chair.

"Yeah with your ugly mug." Natsu said, sticking out his tongue earning a sweat drop from Levy.

"Shut up, Salamander."

"Enough." Levy said, sighing. "Maybe their waiting it out."

"Juvia finds it strange that the Mayor is missing." Juvia interjected, raising a finger thoughtfully. "That Wilfred man acted weird."

"If I might say, Juvia-sama." Yuri said, looking at her. "Wilfred is a great guy and would never do anything to this town."

"Is that why there hasn't been an attack on this town since your guild was destroyed? Why Juvia and Diachi were where hurt only after Wilfred saw you three?" Lily asked and Arashi turned his head slightly.

"What are you suggesting?" He asked, crossing his arms and Gajeel sighed as Lily plopped down onto the ground next to Happy who was dragging his paw against the ground.

"I think what Lily is trying to say," Gray said, looking at the cat. "Is that, at the moment, we can suspect Wilfred is part of Lost Dreams."

Diachi was silent as Yuri clenched her hands against her shorts. "Yu-chan..." He said softly. "You have to consider it as a possibility." Yuri looked at Gray who nodded slightly. Arashi sighed and Natsu looked at Lucy, sitting on the edge of her bed.

"We should split up. See if we can find out anything that could lead us to some answers." Gray said. "Levy." He said and the small girl looked up, at attention. "You, Gajeel and Lily look around the blast sight. Try digging some things up-even if it's been a blast sight for a while you might be able to do something."

"Fine by me." Lily said and Gajeel sighed.


"I'll stay here with Diachi if that's alright." Arashi said, rubbing the back of his head. Gray sighed and looked at Natsu.

"Since your not quiet in anyway shape or form," Gray said, turning his head. "you and Happy take to the sky. See if you can find anything at all."

"Like what?" Natsu said.

"I don't know. Go a ways out and see if maybe by any chance you can find the guild hall."

"That's boring. I wanted to grill some bad guys crispy." Natsu sighed and Happy nodded.

"Aye sir." He moaned.

"Yuri and I will go to the town hall. Snoop around. See if we can't find anything on Wilfred." Gray said, crossing his arms. Yuri smiled widely and Juvia's eyes widened before she looked at Gray quickly.

"Juvia's coming too." She said and Gray looked at her.


"Is perfectly fine to snoop around somewhere. Juvia can be quiet, Gray-sama!" Juvia insisted, standing quickly. To quickly. She stumbled slightly and fell back into her chair.

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