Chapter Twenty-four: The Celestial Goddess and The Fire Dragon.

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~Lucy Heartfilia~

Lucy was in tears as she held her knees to her chest and watched the dust on her floor drift across the ground. Her body hurt and every time she moved her bones creaked against each other and bruises were forming on her skin in various spots on her arms, legs and chest. She was alone. She knew that. She heard no sounds coming from anywhere around her even though there was a slim slip beneath the door that she could barely stick her pinky under. She wished she could summon one of her spirits and her heart tugged as she thought of her friends chained to the ground. She wanted-no she needed a comforting hug or hand or anything really and her hand clenched her other, bandaged arm. Lucy felt hopeless as she clenched her jaw and dropped her forehead to her knees, sniffing.

The world was going to end tomorrow and she couldn't do anything about it.

Lucy's small cell was big enough to hold her and a small table; no bed, no chair, nothing that this poor girl could lay on if she wanted to sleep.

If she could sleep.

She wanted Natsu there, his comforting voice. Even him making so much racket that she would yell at him would have been wonderful.

Because he would be with her.

She didn't realize how much she needed him there. How much she depended on him to make her happy. Even when she was angry at him or worried for him, she knew he'd be there.

She needed him in the cell with her, next to her just so that she could lean over to him and just lean against his warmth. Even if she knew he wasn't one who consistently was hugging, holding or comforting people. She still wanted that reassurance that he was there, that everything would be better.

"Natsu..." She murmured, tears leaking down her cheeks. "I'm scared..." She whispered.



His large throne room was silent. Wilfred rolled a silver key through his fingers as he brought a glass to his lips, sipping as his eyes remained on the book in his lap.

'Every ten thousand years," the book read. 'The sun, moon, earth and stars are aligned to create a spectacular sight called a Celestial Eclipse. At this time, the entirety of the Celestial Spirit world is at its strongest for an hour as a dark purple light is cast across the planet. During the last eclipse, a woman by the name of Catalia Neverosa, the first Celestial Wizard used this power to create Karino Unification, a spell that would use her energy to destroy the world if need be. Although Catalia was a good woman loved by all, she viewed Magic as a force that eventually needed to be destroyed. So in creating this spell, it is said that she wished that it would never have to be used. There is only downside to this spell.'

Wilfred smiled as he set his glass down and flipped the page.

'The user, once their body is used for the spell, will be killed, burnt from the inside out. Though this spell is only supposed to be able to destroy magic, it is rumored that before Catalia passed after initiating this spell, she said that this magic, if the user was strong enough, could be used to destroy life in its entirety.'

"Let's pray, Miss. Heartfilia, that your magic will be enough. I am ready for this pitiful planet to be gone. Though," Wilfred placed his hands together with the silver key in between. "My plan is all over the is my story. I'm not immortal..." Wilfred smiled and shook his head. "Look at me. Talking to my self. I really am going crazy." Wilfred rubbed his forehead between his thumb and forefinger and looked up as the doors of the room opened. Ayame stepped through and looked at him, her pink hair drifting past her shoulders.

"Wilfred-sama. Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox set off the lighting rods in their cells." She said and Wilfred sighed again. "Also, Saria took Arashi Kururugi to the back."

"Nani? What is she doing with him?" Wilfred asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't know, sir. I'm assuming fighting."

"Well," Wilfred stood, brushing his coat off. "Let's go watch this fight, shall we? We have time to kill."



Do you understand things better? I had a plan haha cx it may not have seemed like it but I did ;3

So sorry that this chapter is so short x/ I feel bad so I'll make it up next week. Promise!

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