Chapter Thirty-One: Lucy will never leave my mind

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~Lucy Heartfilia~

Lucy wanted to find her keys. Lucy wanted to fight, wanted to be helpful and wanted to do something that would save the world. But she couldn't do that without her keys. The Eclipse was close - she could tell that - and she could see all of the demons (or monsters, she couldn't decide) meandering towards the pole she had been at. Her fingers went to the stain on her stomach, poking the spot that should have been bleeding and running her hand over the closed wound.

Catalia. If she defeated Catalia somehow, this Eclipse would end. Well, the Eclipse wouldn't need but those demons, those things, would be gone and the world would be saved. Right?

Lucy pushed her blonde hair back from her face, silently wishing she had a hair tie of some sort to hold it back and her eyes latched, once again on the hill. She couldn't remember anything after being stabbed. Well, more like after Catalia took over. She remembered Natsu's look of horrified desperation before she passed out and her heart ached to find him, to tell him she was ok. Just to be able to see him not behind bars. To be able to take him into her arms.

She wondered if he felt the same.

A purple color was beginning to take over the sky. Lucy looked at the purple tint on her skin and clenched her teeth, looking back as her feet dragged her forward towards the hill, avoiding crevices and bodies as she walked determinedly. Even if she didn't have her keys, she had to do something.

The ground beneath her feet gave out, crumpling away to form another large hole.

Lucy let out a yip of surprise as she fell, her fingers grasping for something to catch her self. They clutched the lip of the earth, the rocks digging into her palms causing her to wince. She hung there for awhile, attempting to pull herself up everyone in a while but failed, the pain from the rocks to intense to try to pull herself over them. Tears formed in her eyes and she attempted to pull herself up again, the rocks cutting into her hands. She clenched her teeth and pulled harder, biting her lip as blood tracked down her hand and elbow.

A hand wrapped around her wrist, followed by another grabbing under her other arm.

Her eyes widened as she was pulled out of the hole and into a strong, scratched up chest, a hand going to the back of her head. A white scarf pressed into her nose and she reached up, tightly hugging the person holding her. He pulled away, dark eyes latched on her own and clutched her shoulders.

"Lucy. Are you ok?" Natsu asked, his salmon hair hanging loosely in his face. Lucy nodded quickly and his eyes darted towards the blood stain on the stomach.

"It's gone, Natsu." She said and his brow furrowed, fingers reaching forward to touch her unscathed skin. Lucy shivered and he rested his head against her shoulder, calloused fingers still against her stomach.

"Thank goodness." He breathed. Purple washed over the sky and pain shot up Lucy's arm, causing the girls knees to give out and sending her into Natsu's chest. "Lucy?!" He asked in a panicked voice. Lucy clutched her arm and looked at Natsu.

"N-Natsu. My keys?" Lucy let out in a strained voice. Natsu reached down and pulled out the keys, handing them to Lucy. She held them tightly to her chest and clutched her eyes shut. "We need to beat Catalia, Natsu." Natsu's worried expression melted into a look of excitement.

"I know that. I was gonna do that already."

"Natsu!" Lucy said in a rushed tone, causing the pink haired boy to look down at her. "I...I love you!" Her face went red and Natsu smiled.

"I know..." He said once over his initial shock. "I love you too, Lucy. Just like I love everyone in Fairy Tail."

"But that's-"

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