Chapter Seven: Diachi vs. Gajeel

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~Lucy Heartfilia~

Lucy's eyes fluttered open slowly. Dark eyes and salmon colored hair appeared right in front of her face and she screamed.

"Get out!!" She yelled, punching Natsu and sending the poor boy flying. Lucy sat up quickly, blinking as she looked around at the bewildered faces all around her.

"Oh right..." She said, sweat dropping. Happy was patting Natsu's leg, looking at the pink haired boy sympathetically.

"I see your feeling fine now." Gajeel said smugly. Lucy looked around, finding the walls of a carriage instead of the familiarity of her warm. The window farthest from her was cracked where Natsu's head had connected with it and the pink haired boy had resumed his purple faced, plumped cheek motion sickness, miserable sitting next to Gray and Gajeel.

"You puke on me and you will go through the window next." Gray said, eyeing Natsu.

"Argblargmm." Natsu replied.

"How long have I been out?" Lucy asked.

"About three hours now." Erza said, causing Lucy to realize she had been sleeping on the red haired girls lap.

"What happened back there, Lu-chan?" Levy asked.

"I...I don't know. I just felt like all my magic energy was drained." Lucy said and Yuri bit her lip.

"That's weird." She said simply.

"No duh." Diachi said and the green eyed girl winced as if he had slapped her.

"Diachi." Arashi said.

"Where are we going?" Lucy asked.

"Catsman." Juvia said, speaking up for the first time. Yuri was grim, her angelic face sour.

"That's where-" Lucy started, looking at the girl.

"Yeah." Diachi interrupted. "Trust me. I don't wanna go."

"Diachi. That's enough." Arashi said.

"You don't need to turn this into your pity party." Gajeel said.

"Gajeel-san." Wendy said.

"I'm sick of your whining." Gajeel said, standing. Diachi countered and stood up himself. "Get over yourself."

"You don't know the pain that I went through! You guys in Fairy Tail have no idea what we went through!" Diachi yelled. Gajeel grabbed Diachi by the collar of his jacket, yanking the boy forward.

"Gajeel!" Gray said, sitting up.

"Don't assume things, you self centered pig." Gajeel growled. Diachi glared at him.

"Shut up." The boy said and the cabin went silent.

"Stop the cart." Gajeel said.

"Are you serious?" Lucy said.

"Gajeel this isn't necessary." Erza said, standing.

"Oh it's necessary. Stop the cart. Now."

The driver stopped the cart and Gajeel dragged Diachi out, throwing the boy to the grass.

"I'm assuming that you've never heard of me. Or anything about the Dragon slayers." Gajeel said, crossing his studded arms. Lucy was surprised; Gajeel wasn't the type of person to talk. He usually went straight to punching.


"All the Dragons disappeared the 7th of June in 777." Gajeel said bluntly. "I was raised by a Dragon, Metalicana. Wendy and Salamander were also." Diachi was standing now.

"Why is this so important?" Diachi spat. Gajeel's arm transformed into a club and he swung it forward, sending the boy flying. Diachi crashed into a tree, yelling out.

"Wanted you to know so I could knock some sense into you." Gajeel said smiling. Diachi stood, wiping his chin.

"Oh it's on." He said.

"Gajeel we don't have time for this." Lily said.

"Your acting like children." Charle said, perched in Wendy's arms.

"Wait! Why can't I-"

"Shut up, Natsu." Gray said, punching the pink haired boy in the back of the head.

Diachi reached down into his sack, pulling out a green colored scarf.

"Show me my strength." Diachi said, shoving his hand into the scarf. Lightening quick, the color from his hair tracked down to the scarf, his blue eye splitting up. Gajeel's brow furrowed as the demon emerged from the scarf, shooting towards Gajeel at an extremely fast speed. Gajeel's other arm transformed and he brought the two clubs up. The demon hit them and Gajeel yelled out in pain as the clubs turned a deep red color.

"Gajeel!" Levy said. Gajeel threw the demon away from him and lunged towards Diachi.

"Iron Dragons: Sword!" Gajeel yelled, swinging his arm forward. Diachi held up the green scarf, wrapping it around the sword as it came towards him.

"What!?" Gajeel yelled.

"That's another thing about Diachi-kun's scarves." Yuri said, almost a little sadly. "They're indestructible."

"What?" Lucy said, looking at Yuri.

"Diachi-kun's scarves were made from demon silk. At least, that's what he used to say."

"Demon silk?" Erza asked.

"It's made from the demon king I guess. So like the equivalent to the Celestial King. I never really understood it." They all focused back onto the fight. Gajeel was breathing heavily on the ground.

"You wanted to teach me a lesson, Gajeel?" Diachi said smugly. Gajeel stood, holding his right arm with his left hand. He was silent, his jaw clenched as Diachi's demon went back to the scarf. "You ready for more?" He said, pulling out a purple scarf.

"Diachi-kun! Stop!" Yuri yelled, eyes wide. She ran forward as Diachi opened his mouth.

"What-" Juvia began.

Arashi appeared in front of Diachi and Lucy heard him say the words 'I'm sorry' before reaching up and yanking the cloth away from his eyes.

"ARASHI!" Yuri screamed, reaching towards them and Gajeel tackled her. A bright light formed and the others covered there eyes, Natsu hunching over Lucy, Gray hunching over Juvia and Levy and Erza over Wendy. Once the bright light faded, they all turned and Levy pushed past Gray. The others all left the carriage and Lucy held her hand to her chest, looking at Arashi's exposed face. His eyes were closed and Lucy noticed a thin scar beneath his right eye. He was holding an unconscious Diachi in his arms.

"What just happened." Gajeel said and Yuri stood, her chin quivering.

"You promised." She said and Lucy walked to her, putting her hand on her shoulder.

"Was this really necessary." Erza said and Arashi took the cloth and wrapped it around his eyes.

"They would have killed each other. Diachi was out of line. I only drained him enough to knock him out. You guys are helping us and that's no way to act. I'm sorry." Arashi said, turning his head towards the others.

"Lets...lets just get going." Gray said. Lucy hugged Yuri who was crying and watched and Arashi carried Diachi to the cart.

'The things these three go through. Why did Diachi have to do this...something's not right.' She thought, looking down at Yuri.



Diachi needs to get ahold of himself.

What are these three hiding?

What caused Lucy to pass out?

What awaits them in Catsman?

Find out in Chapter Eight: Arriving in Catsman...and finding a clue?

-Dylan Kelly

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