Chapter Six- Forever ago?

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~Yuri Farren~

"You're so stupid, Adrien."

Yuri looked over at the commotion and sighed.

"There she goes again." Diachi said and Yuri nodded. Saika Suzuki stood with her hands on her hips in front of one of Winter Marionette's timid members. Her red hair hung to her shoulders, straight and flowy and her large brown eyes glared down at the blue haired boy. She was wearing a purple tank top, a pair of black short shorts and a pair of ankle boots with a small heel on her feet. The tall girl had two black arrows tattooed from her bottom lash down to mid cheek and a swirling circular tattoo on the palm of her hand, extending out over her fingers. Saika was the definition of menacing.

"H-How?" Adrien asked, his brown eyes wide.

"I asked you to make me a double edged sword and what did you give me?"

"A sword?" He inquired and Saika grit her teeth.

"Yeah. One sided. I wanted something that can slice on both sides! I already have one of these!" She said, extending her tattooed hand. As if to prove her point, a dull looking single edged sword appeared, sliding out of her skin with ease. It made its way toward Adrien's throat and the boy was blubbering his apologies.

"Saika leave him alone." Arashi said, pulling his hair back from his face. Saika 'tsk'ed and backed up, the sword sliding back into her hand. She turned towards her teammates and smiled, the menacing look completely disappearing from her face.

"I was only kidding, Arashi." She said, walking back to him. Yuri smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear.

"Saika-chan needs to learn how to show that she's kidding." Yuri said and Diachi snorted. Saika smiled, her white teeth gleeming.

"There you are!" Yuri and the others turned towards the voice and smiled as Rin Lee and Ben West approached.

Rin was a small girl, her body looking that of a child's, with small curves and a sweet looking face. She had long and wavy black hair that hung in her face and blue eyes. She wore a sleeveless black dress that hugged her body and ended mid-thigh. A zipper at the top was zipped down to reveal an orange crop top and a considerable amount of cleavage. Black sandals masked her feet.

Ben, on the other hand, was tall and lean with curly brown hair and bright hazel eyes. He wore a tan trench coat over a pair of black pants and a black shirt. A pair of black boots covered his feet.

"Rin! Ben! How was the mission?" Yuri asked, standing. Rin ran forward, smiling and took Yuri's hands into her small ones.

"It was ok, Yu-chan. But it would have been better if you all had been there." She said, smiling, revealing her pointy canine teeth. Yuri smiled back.

"We should all go on another!" Ben said excitedly.

"Hold up, hot stuff." Diachi finally said, standing. "You just got back. Don't you think you should rest? Build up your magic energy back up?"

"Nah, we'll have plenty of time for that later." Ben said.

"Ben." Arashi said, turning his head towards the taller boy.

"Their right, Ben." Rin said, turning towards the boy. "The two of us should rest." Ben pursed his lips and crossed his arms over his chest, much like a child throwing a fit and turned his head to the side.

"Yeah, fine whatever." He said.

'Ben isn't usually like this...' Yuri thought, watching her teammate with question.


Knocking on her apartment door roused Yuri out of pleasant dreams that night and the blonde girl sat up, rubbing her eyes drowsily as she stood.

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