Chapter Nineteen: I think it's a lie.

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~Natsu Dragneel~

"We expected you to take care of Lost Dream." Wilfred said, walking around the office. "And yet all your doing is twiddling your thumbs as your own people end up in my hospital and you destroy my town. You have a wizard who can't do anything with out passing out or becoming extremely weak," he said this while gesturing to Lucy whose entire arm was now bandaged. Natsu placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed, glaring at the man in front of him. "You have, let's see, two destructive dragon slayers, a water Mage who is a little self absorbed," Juvia flinched at that, turning away from the man. "An ice Mage who is in the hospital. A solid script Mage who's magic is less than unimpressive." Levy stepped back and Gajeel growled slightly, stepping forward protectively. "And longer kitty's. Plus three-no four of my mages that are supposed to be dead. Fairy Tail is....practically a laughing stock in this town. I'm surprised your guild won the Grand Magic Games." Wilfred practically spat the last words and Natsu stepped forward.

"Teme." He growled and Lucy grabbed onto the long sleeve of his vest, holding the dragon slayer back. He clenched his fists as the group sat silently.

"Wilfred," Yuri started timidly from her spot next to Rin. "Lost Dreams is just....really strong-"

"Then maybe they shouldn't have sent Erza Scarlet away." He retorted and Natsu flinched. It had been her choice, even if it was out of character for her, and they all knew that. She actually got permission from this guy! Natsu looked down at Lucy who still had her bandaged fingers latched around his sleeve. Happy looked up at him, blue eyes apologetic as Lily stood protectively next to Levy and Gajeel, burly arms crossed over his chest.

"I don't want to see you at the moment." Wilfred said, waving his hand. "Get out of my sight."

The group shuffled out of the room and once outside, Natsu puffed.

"Who the hell does he think he is, acting all high and mighty like that?"

"The Mayor's missing. Wilfred is just standing in." Rin said, rocking on her feet.

"I think we should go have a um....meeting." Lily said suddenly. "In Gray's room. Just us." He said the last part hurriedly as Yuri stepped forward. Diachi was silent as was Arashi who had his head turned in Rin's direction with a quizzical look on his face.

"Sounds good." Diachi said, pulling Yuri back. "We need a meeting ourselves." He said this pointedly, looking at Yuri. The blonde nodded and looked at Juvia who was avoiding eye contact.

"Gomenasai, Juvia-san." She said softly, making the bluenette look up quickly. She pursed her lips softly before looking away, not answering the blondes apology.

"Let's go." Levy said quickly and the groups parted ways.

"Why are we having a meeting?" Lucy asked, causing Natsu to look over at her.

"Something's not right about Rin." Gajeel answered, arms crossed as he walked next to Lily who nodded in response. "Or that man with a power complex. That's what I'm assuming."

"Aye...." Happy murmured, holding the small sack that had once rested on his back in his hands. Natsu watched him and heard Juvia sigh.

"Juvia thinks that this entire situation is weird." She said softly.

"We'll talk about it when we get to the hospital." Levy assured and Natsu pursed his lips, looking back at Lucy who had begun to trail behind. He slowed his walk, soon matching her pace and watching her inquisitively, hands behind his head.

"You all right, Luce?" He asked and the blonde looked up at him, giving him a small smile and nodding.


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