Chapter Twenty-one: You're friends can do nothing.

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(So the picture either above or too the right if you're on a computer is a picture of Saika-or Saria-and Yuri as children. Just so that you have a sort of idea how she looks-Saika doesn't look much different)

~Lucy Heartfilia~

"G-Goddess? Destroy all magic? Do you realize how crazy you sound?" Lucy asked and Wilfred smirked.

"What's crazy is the fact that you aren't gracious towards this." Edward snorted, causing Lucy to sweatdrop.

"That didn't even make sense." Natsu murmured.

Wilfred flipped Loke's key through his fingers, smirking. "The only problem is," Wilfred said, looking at his hand. "Is the fact that you need to agreement with the spell for it to work."

"Spell?" Levy murmured, causing Wilfred to turn towards her.

"Yes, you pitiful excuse for a wizard." He spat, causing Levy to cower behind Gajeel who growled at Wilfred in response. "The spell is called Karino Unification. It will combine all the magical energy from the Celestial wizard and spirits and once the sun, moon and stars are aligned with the earth, this power will be strong enough that when released, the Celestial power will be enough to eradicate all magic and I mean all magic will disappear from this world."

Lucy watched Wilfred, swallowing. "There's a spell like that already." She said, causing Wilfred to look at her.

"Do you mean Face? Yes. I've heard of it. But you don't understand, Miss, Heartfilia," Wilfred approached her and Lucy let out a yelp as he grabbed one side of her vest and yanked her forward, putting his face into hers. "I don't just mean magic. I mean the world as well."

Lucy's eyes widened as they went reflectionless. "N-Nani?" She gasped and Wilfred smirked, dropping her to the ground.

"You will agree with the terms, Lucy." Wilfred said simply, ignoring the glares of the confined wizards. "Or else-"

"Or else what?" Natsu spat, causing Wilfred and his companions to look at him.

"Rin. Edward." Wilfred said simply, making his way back to his chair. Rin stepped forward with a stoic look on her face as a maniacal grin crossed Edwards.

"Rin..." Yuri started, stepping back and a grin that didn't seem very like the girl spread across her face, crazy in type.

"You're stupid, Yu-chan," she started, making Yuri's eyes go wide. "Do you honestly think you and the others would get away for what you did? You just drug these people down." Lucy jerked her head towards Yuri as Rin opened her hands at her side. "Ice Make..." She started, making Gray make a sound of surprise. "Lance!" Ice shot from behind Rin and raced towards Yuri, who yelled out.

"Yu-chan!" Diachi cried out, whipping his hand out and Lucy swung her head around, yelling out in warning.

The sound of the attack hitting a wall of water was all that could be heard before the sound of the attack clanging to the floor. Lucy stared in shock as Edward froze, everyone looking at the sight in front of them.

Juvia stood above Yuri, arms up and sweat on her brow as Yuri stared up at her, eyes wide and reflectionless as Juvia dropped the water wall, breathing heavily.

"Are you alright, Yuri-san?" She asked, turning towards the blonde.

"J-Juvia-sama...." Yuri murmured and Edward coughed, causing Rin to angrily stamp her foot against the ground.

"You guys are pitiful." The cloaked girl, Saria, said softly, whipping out her hand. Diachi gasped as a large sword slid out from beneath her skin and Saria griped the sword tightly in her hand before swinging forward, causing the group to yell.

"Dammit!" Natsu yelled as he hit the ground. "I can't do anything!"

"Edward! Rin! Ayame! Take the unneeded creatures away. Leave Lucy, Yuri, Diachi and Arashi to me." Wilfred said and the mentioned villains nodded in agreement, turning to Lucy's friends.

"N-Natsu!" Lucy said as a guard who had previously been standing against the wall yanked her back, holding onto her ponytail roughly.

"Lucy!" Natsu cried out, yanking against Edward and his guards. Lucy watched in despair as her friends were pulled back and pulled through the doors.

"Natsu!!" She yelled one more time, though her heart was falling to her stomach.

"Lucy!!!" Natsu yelled in response before the large doors slammed shut with a resounding slam. Lucy turned to Wilfred as Arashi hung his head, Diachi growling as he attempted to yank away from his captor. Yuri watched Saria with wide eyes and swallowed as Saria held the sword in an unwavering grip, the cloak still masking her face.

"What is your point of this?" Lucy asked and Wilfred snorted.

"Magic only causes sadness." He said, crossing his legs at the knees. "I want to eradicate it."

"But you're a wizard yourself, Wilfred," Arashi said. "You wouldn't be power full of that's what your attempting to accomplish."

Wilfred flicked his fingers towards Saria, indicating that he wanted her to move forward. Which she did. She put the tip of the sword against his stomach, causing him to suck in a hearty breath. Saria was silent and Lucy watched Arashi as his nose twitch and then jerked his head up.

"No way...." He said and Wilfred coughed.

"Saria. Don't you think that hood is annoying? Why don't you remove it." Wilfred said, a sly grin spreading across his face. Saria hesitated and removed one hand from the handle of the sword, grabbing the hood of her cloak and pulled her hood back. Burgundy hair spilled out over her shoulders and brown eyes moved up to look at the boy in front of her.

"No...." Yuri whispered, eyes wide as Lucy looked at the girl in surprise.

"S-Saika?" Arashi stammered. Lucy looked at the girl and spotted the black triangular tattoo's under her eyes, her hair hanging between her eyes and past her cloak.

"Saika!" Diachi said and she pulled her sword back, dropping it to the floor.

"How wonderful is this?" Wilfred asked and Lucy turned her head back to him. "I have all of the strongest wizards from Winters Marionette. You're friends can do nothing." He said this bluntly towards Lucy who glared at him.

"Wh-where...where is Ben? And Lila?" Yuri stammered and Saika snorted.

"You should know," Saika said, plucking her sword off of the ground and resting the blade against her shoulder. Saika glared at Yuri before saying:

"You're the one that killed them."



I'll see you in chapter twenty-two: A wiped memory can ruin your whole day.


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