Chapter One: Team Lucy and Juvia

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Three teens walked silently through the bustling streets of Hargeon, their dark cloaks blending in with the citizens of the town.

"Man." One of the boys said, his dark brown hair flapping around his head. "The wind here sucks." The red cloth around his eyes obscured most of his face but the parts you could see showed a chiseled jaw and full lips. The girl next to him pulled her long blonde hair back from her face, her green eyes twinkling with annoyance. Failing at pulling her hair into a pony tail, she sighed, letting it fall back down.

"I know, Arashi." She said, glancing at the boy. He turned his head towards her and sighed. The other boy was silent, his brown eyes latched on his comrades.

"Where are we even going, Yu-chan?" The dark haired boy, Arashi asked. The girl, who's name was Yuri, smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear.

"It's a surprise!" She said with a cute giggle, causing the two boys to sweatdrop.

"You've literally been telling us that for two hours now, Yuri." The other boy said, his deep voice causing ripples to go over their shoulders. Yuri smiled and looked at him.

"You'll see, Diachi-kun." She said, her right hand touching the guild mark on her hip. The quiet boy looked at her silently, his brown-red hair moving slightly. Yuri pulled her hood over her hair, a smile forming on her pink lips.


"I'll take you right here, Popsicle!"

"Oh really?! I'd like to see you try, flame breath!"

Lucy Heartfilia sighed at the request board, her eyebrow twitching slightly.

"Would you two idiots shut up?" She growled, turning on the boys. Juvia Lockser stood next to her, her hands folded neatly in front of her. The boys were growling at each other, red and blue flames emanating from their bodies.

"He started it." Gray Fullbuster growled, glaring at the Dragon Slayer next to him.

"Oh, shut up, Ice head!" Natsu Dragneel snapped, raising his fist. "I'll burn you to a crisp!"

"Oh yeah?!"


"Bring it on, Hot Pocket!"

Lucy put her hand to her forehead, sighing as a dust cloud formed around flying fists and kicking feet.

"Lucy. What about this job?" Happy asked and she turned, taking the paper from the board.

"Oh wow!" Lucy said, eyes widening. Juvia looked over her shoulder.

'Two mages wanted to defeat the dark guild, Lost Dreams. Catsman's guild, Winter Marionettes has been completely wiped out.. Please help. Reward 100,000 jewel + silver celestial key.'

"A celestial key?! Happy! It's perfect!" Lucy squealed, hugging the paper to her chest.


"Juvia!" Lucy said, turning to the blue haired girl. "Do you want to go with me?"

"What?!?!" Natsu, Gray and Happy yelled simultaneously. Lucy turned to them as Juvia's eyes widened.

"What's your problem?" Lucy asked.

"B-but what about us?" Natsu asked, eyes wide.

"Yeah! I thought we were a team!" Gray said, black hair falling in his eyes.

"Abandoning us first chance she gets. We're supposed to be friends!" Happy said, waterfall tears falling comically down his cheeks. The blonde smiled and looked at Juvia.

"Do you really want to Juvia to go?" The girl asked, holding her hand to her chest. Lucy's smile widened.

"Of course! We haven't gone on a mission together!" Lucy said and Juvia smiled slightly.

"What's the matter with them?" Wendy asked, walking up with her eyes on the boys. They were white, with their souls floating out of their mouths.

"Lu-shee's going on a mission without us." Happy blubbered, resting on his hands and knees in a corner.

"Lucy needs sometime away from us." Erza said, appearing out of nowhere. She smiled and placed her hand on Lucy's head, bringing the blondes head to her chest with a resounding bang.

Mirajane and the master watched from the bar, the white haired girl smiling serenely.

"This is an interesting development." Makarov said, his squinted eyes watching the scene in front of him. "I never thought that those two would become a team. Never in my wildest dreams."

"But they make a great team." Mira gushed, holding her hand to her chest. Makarov looked at the fair skinned girl with curiosity and she smiled. "After all! They're two very strong wizards!" She said and Makarov sweat-dropped.


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Chapter Two: Meeting Strangers

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