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Chapter Thirty-Two: Natsu vs. Catalia: Final battle.

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~Natsu Dragneel~

"Oh yeah," Natsu said, feeling the smirk grow on his cheeks as the warmth from his flames grew intenser. "I'm all fired up now!" He felt Lucy's arm tighten around his waist and her hand twitched around his wrist as Loke smirked. Catalia stared at them, her purple eyes wide and reflectionless as Lucy released Natsu's wrist to pull a key from the pocket of her dress. She held it out.

"I open thee! Open! Gate of the Maiden! Virgo!"

A ding-dong sounded and Virgo appeared, looking as surprised as Loke had before. She looked at her hands before looking at Lucy in happy content.

"Hime." She said, bowing. "Is it time for punishment?"

"It's nice to see you too, Virgo." Lucy said, sweat-dropping. She thrust her finger out towards Rengoku who had limped back towards them with a menacing growl. "Take care of him."

"Of course." Virgo bowed and the disappeared, a chiseling sound ringing through Natsu's ear. Loke stepped forward towards Catalia and Natsu stepped forward, slipping his arm from Lucy's hand and her arm from his waist.

"No I'm taking care of her." Natsu said with a growl. Loke looked at him.

"What? No, Natsu I-"

"Oh shut up. I'm fighting her you protect Lucy. These guys don't look to friendly." Natsu jerked his thumb over his shoulder as Rengoku let out a pain filled yip. Loke looked back and pursed his lips before sighing and nodding.

"Fine. I'll protect her. But only because I want to. Not because you said to." He said and Natsu rolled his eyes before turning towards Catalia. She was staring at him in horrified aw and he cracked his knuckles.

"What's wrong Catalia? You scared because you're little fire proof dog ain't here to help?" Natsu smirked and held up a flaming hand. Catalia's eyes darkened and her teeth clenched.

"I don't need that creature to teach you your place, you lizard." She snapped. Natsu 's smirk widened and Catalia reached up, flipping her pink hair over her shoulder, holding her hand up.

"This girl has very weak fire magic but a strong ability to change a persons appearance and magical ability. Much like the old magic but, not quite." Catalia said, keeping her eyes on Natsu. Natsu's body froze and his eyes widened, his smirk falling as he felt his close growing heavier. He looked down and his eyes widened.

"Boobs!? I'm a girl?!" He cried out, reaching down quickly to zip up his vest. An angry blush covered his face as he turned to yell at Catalia in anger.

A fist against his cheek stopped him, sending him flying.

His hand clutched the ground and he yipped as the grass slid right through his thin fingers. Once stopped, he pulled him self to his feet, yanking his pants up angrily.

"You're magic power has gone down tremendously. Do you feel it? Tell me, Natsu-can you protect your precious Lucy with this pitiful magic power?" Catalia asked and Natsu's eyes traveled to Loke and Lucy who were both fighting, Lucy glancing over at him in bewilderment. Natsu clenched his jaw and turned towards Catalia.

"That's pretty dirty, even for you, Catalia." He said, stunned slightly at the feminine tone of his voice. Catalia smirked, placing a hand in her hip. "But I won't let that stop me." Natsu focused all of his energy to his right hand, clenching one eye shut as flames sputtered to life. "I just need my fists to beat you."

"Bring it on, Dragneel." She said.

Natsu looked at Lucy and Loke who fought back to back, Virgo being a nuisance to Rengoku by popping up in various holes on the ground. Lucy was breathing hard and Natsu knew having two spirits, and already being exhausted, where taking a toll on the blonde. Her eyes latched with his and he clenched his jaw.

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