Chapter Fifteen: Tears, betrayals and kidnappings.

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~Levy McGarden~

"Man this sucks." Gajeel said, arms handcuffed behind his back. Lily nodded.

"I didn't think we were doing anything wrong!" Levy called from her spot between them. The three were in the back of a carriage, each handcuffed with magic nullifying handcuffs and Levy was still trying to figure out exactly what they had done wrong.

"Shut up!" One of the guards yelled.

"Rude." Levy muttered.

"Calm it, Shrimp." Gajeel sighed, leaning his head against the carriage wall. "They'll just continue to be rude." He said and Lily nodded, sighing again.

"We didn't do anything wrong though!" She said.

"In their eyes we did." Lily said simply and she looked at him.

"I can't believe this!" She said, stamping her small foot. "You two are really giving up this easy?"

"Honestly," Gajeel said. "I'm feeling completely drained right now."

"As am I." Lily countered and Levy looked at her handcuffed hands on her lap.

"These aren't standard issued handcuffs." She observed quickly.

"Well these men aren't from the Kings army." Lily said, leaning his head against Levy's arm.

"But still," she said, holding her hands up. "These are strange."

"Thanks for the observation, Shrimp. Care to make any others?" Gajeel said sourly and she glared at him.

"Don't be so rude, Gajeel." Lily said softly and Levy looked down at him. He looked so tired and as Levy turned her head towards Gajeel, she realized how fatigued she felt. "This is....really weird...." She murmured and the cart came to an abrupt stop, causing Gajeel to fall off of the bench and Levy to fall over his waist, Lily landing on her back.

"Ow..." She muttered, looking up as the door was opened. The outside was dark and that made Levy's eyes widened-hadn't it been daylight when they were taken? Two men climbed inside the carriage, pulling the three of them apart and dragging them out side. The larger man had ahold of Gajeel as he stumbled out of the carriage, Gajeel obviously ready to pass out. The other man held Levy by the arm and Lily by the back of his pants, carrying the exceed in a none to graceful way. "Where are we?" Levy asked and the man remained silent, dragging her along.

"Shrimp..." Gajeel said weakly from behind. "Just stay quiet. I have a bad feeling about this..." He murmured. Levy swallowed and looked up at their destination.

"Oh my god." She said, stopping in her jog to keep up with the man.

"This is..." Lily started, looking up with wide eyes.

"Shit..." Gajeel said.

A large sign stood above them, the words 'Lost Dream's' posted proudly on its face. The man yanked on Levy's arm and she cried out, falling to the ground.

"Shrimp...!" Gajeel said and Levy looked up. The men around them were laughing evilly as they removed their uniforms, revealing rugged wizards with guild marks on their grimy skin.

"Fools!" A mans voice echoed and the large group split, allowing a man to strut down the middle towards Levy, Gajeel and Lily who had both been thrown to the ground next to her. The man had an arrogant smile on his dark face and long blonde hair hung around his shoulders. He was wearing a button up white shirt with a black tie wrapped around his neck a pair of black, baggy pants and black shoes which thunked against the dirt ground.

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