Chapter Four: Explosions

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"This is boring." Natsu said, his right cheek laying against the cool counter of the bar.

"Aye." Happy said.

"Can't believe she didn't choose us."


"We're supposed to be a team."


"This sucks."


"I can't-"

"I swear, idiot, if you say you can't believe it again, I will punch you in the face." Gray said, his left cheek resting against the bar counter.

"Stop moping you idiots." Erza said, her right cheek against the counter.


"Yeah. Ok." Happy remarked sarcastically.

"It is weird without Lucy-san here, ne? Charle?" Wendy asked and the white cat 'hmmf'ed

"I thinks it's peaceful." She said and Wendy smiled. Her ears pricked slightly and she turned her head.

"What's that sound?" She asked and Natsu sat up, his brow crinkling in question.

"I hear it too..."

"Yeah." Gajeel confirmed, looking up. Levy, who was siting across the table from him, looked at the Iron Dragon slayer in confusion. Natsu sniffed the air and his eyes widened.

"Duck and cover!" He yelled, turning and throwing his hand out. Levy's eyes widened as her hands met with Gajeel's chest and they hit the ground.

Fairy Tail exploded in a brilliant light. Silently, then all at once.


~Juvia Lockser P.O.V.~

A mushroom shaped cloud of black smoke and debris rose from the place where Fairy Tail had once stood. Lucy and Juvia stood at the base of the hill where Fairy Tail had resided on and stared in horror, their eyes wide and reflectionless. Yuri, Diachi and Arashi were huddled together, Yuri's hands wrapped tightly in her male teammates hands.

"The guild hall..." Lucy whispered.

"Everyone..." Juvia murmured hysterically, her hand over her mouth. A yell of pain echoed from the mess and Juvia's ears pricked.

"That was....!" Lucy started and the water mage took off running.

'I heard you!' Juvia thought, her blue hair streaming behind her. 'Gray-sama! I'm coming!'

Juvia stopped in front of the debris, her blue eyes pausing on the half destroyed sign that had once been posted proudly above Fairy Tail's massive doors.

"J-Juvia-san." Juvia's head jerked to the left and her eyes landed on Wendy, who was pulling herself out of the wreckage.

"Wendy!" Juvia jogged to her and helped the small girl out from under the beams that buried her. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Wendy said, her right eye shut in pain. Her left hand clutched Juvia's arm as she turned her head left and right, looking around. A moan of pain came from close by and Juvia turned, her eyes widening.

"Gray-sama!" Juvia gasped, spotting the black haired mage laying on the ground. She and Wendy walked to the boy, Wendy limping at Juvia's side. Wendy fell to her knees, placing her hands on Gray's bare and battered back.

"Gray-san. Are you ok?" Wendy asked, looking at the boy in concern who groaned in response.

"Juvia!" Lucy cried and Juvia looked up, holding her hand to her chest. Lucy, who had come up with Yuri, Diachi and Arashi, was staring at the request board which was eerily still standing, unfazed by the blast. Juvia stood, hesitated at Gray's side then walked to the request board.

"What is this?"

Inscribed in red across the request board were the words:

'You've been warned.'

Yuri sobbed and fell to her knees, causing Juvia and Lucy to turn to her in shock.

"It's happening again..." She whispered, clutching the sides of her head.

"What?" Juvia questioned. Yuri was shaking and the boys were comforting her but Juvia could clearly see the strained, fear filled expressions on her face.

"Lost Dreams..." Diachi said, looking up at the two girls. "They're back."


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Chapter Five: Collapse


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