Chapter Twelve: A horrifying thing

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At precisely noon that day, two hours after Erza, Wendy, Charle and Lily had headed back to Magnolia, a woman screamed loudly in the middle of town. People were gathering near the old guild hall, in a large mob and Gray and Lucy pushed through.

"Oh my god!" A woman gasped. Lucy and Gray made it through the crowd and their eyes went wide and reflection-less.

Juvia and Diachi were two crumbled messes in the middle of the blast sight. Juvia's tank top was gone, leaving her in only a brown wrap around her chest and her torn blue pajama pants. The left leg of her pants were torn, revealing a possibly broken leg and a large, red burn on her thigh over her guild mark. Her stomach had another burn over it and various scruff marks covered her face.

Diachi was in no better shape. His shirt was gone, leaving him in only his pants, which were practically in shreds. His chest was burnt and so was half of his face, the scar on his face even more puckered than normal.

The two boys ran forward, pushing aside two medics who were checking on the teens.

"Are they ok?" Lucy asked as two more medics came up.

"Let us take care of them." A female medic said.

"They're our friends!" Lucy cried.

"Please stand back!" A male voice said, pushing the teens back. Gray looked over his shoulder and watched Juvia worriedly.

"I-I don't understand." Gray said, stumbling back. "She...was in the bed above me."

"Didn't you go out with Yuri?" Lucy asked, looking at him. Gray looked at him, bewildered.

"No! I went outside for air and she followed!" Gray said, looking at Juvia. He was worried-the Mage looked to be in bad shape-and as she and Diachi were hauled off to the hospital, Gray grit his teeth. "We need to tell the others." He said, pushing past the crowd.

"Gr-Gray!" Lucy calls. "Shouldn't we find out who did this?"

"We know who did this," Gray snapped, not look back as he made his way towards the hotel. "Lost Dreams."


Lucy sat next to Juvia's bed, watching silently as the blue haired girl slept. They were in the hotspot all, a small building with about twelve rooms. The doctors here were good, but they couldn't do much for Juvia's and Diachi's pain.

'If Wendy hadn't have left,' Lucy thought, listening as Juvia's breath hitched in pain. 'Juvia wouldn't be in this bad of shape....and Gray...' Lucy turned her head to look out the window, watching Gray as he sat on a bench, head hung down with his forehead resting against his palms. 'Gray wouldn't be blaming himself.'

Lucy was feeling drained and she was worried, she had tried repeatedly to summon Loke, Plue and the others repeatedly, even attempting to summon Lyra for a song to calm herself. But none of them worked. Her keys were unresponsive. She was helpless. Lucy clenched her hands on her lap and looked at Juvia.

"Lost Dreams must be pretty strong, Juvia." Lucy murmured, watching her brow furrow in pain. "They beat you, a water Mage. You can make it so your body is made from water and were still beat. And Diachi....he can summon demons and he was still beaten. Just how...." Lucy clenched her hands tighter as her shoulders began to shake in anger. "Just how strong are they?" Tears spilled down her cheeks and she swiped at them angrily, keeping her eyes locked on Juvia.

"Lucy-sama." Lucy looked up and blinked.

"Arashi?" She asked and the boy walked forward, holding his hands out to the side to keep himself from bumping into anything. Lucy jumped up and took his arm, leading the boy to the other chair in the room. He smiled sheepishly as he sat down and Lucy sat next to him, her eyes going back to Juvia.

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