Chapter Five: The story of Winter Marionette

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~Lucy Heartfilia P.O.V.~

"Ow!" Natsu yelped, jerking away from Wendy. "That hurts ya know?!"

"I'm trying not to, Natsu-san." Wendy said, her bottom lip sticking out in concentration.

The guild members were sitting in the basement of the guild, everyone having at least one bandage on them. Gray was sitting at a table towards the back of the large room, bandages wrapped around his torso and forehead, a bandaid on his cheek.

"So you can create weapons?" Gray asked and Yuri nodded, wrapping more bandages around his arm. "Even from magic?" He asked and Yuri nodded again.

"That's really cool..." He said, smiling at the small girl.

Juvia, who was standing next to Lucy, pulled at a handkerchief with her teeth.

"Juvia?" Lucy asked, looking at the seething mage in question.

"Juvia should be the one nursing Gray-sama's wounds. Not Yuri-chan." Juvia growled, yanking on the handkerchief. Lucy sweat dropped and turned back towards Erza. The scarlet haired girl had her chin resting in the palm of her hand, red brows drawn together in thought.

"Erza?" Lucy pondered and Erza looked up.

"When Natsu is done, we meet at your apartment."

"W-Wait a sec you can't just decide that!" Lucy blubbered, eyes wide.

"Gajeel! You and Levy come as well!" Erza called.

"Hey!" Lucy yelled.

"You to, Juvia."

"Why do I even try?" Lucy asked, waterfalls falling down her cheeks.


The teens all sat in Lucy's apartment, the Fairy Tail mages all looking at Yuri and the boys.

"Ok, so, Winter Marionette was attacked by Lost Dream?" Erza asked.

"We've told you that eight million times." Diachi said irritably.

"Diachi-kun.." Yuri said, looking at the boy.

"We're just trying to figure everything out." Erza said, interlacing her fingers in her lap. "Anyway. How many people attacked the guild?"

"We don't know." Arashi said, his fingers tracing over Lucy's comforter. "We were out of town."

"How do you know that it was Lost Dream then?" Levy asked.

"Because the same thing that was written on your request board was written on our own request board." Yuri explained, pulling at a loose string on her shorts. Yuri looked up. "We would have been taken too but, we had fought with the rest of our team and split up to go on separate missions."

"How many of there are in your group?" Wendy asked.

"Six. Yuri, Diachi and I are the only ones who use Lost Magic though." Arashi explained. "There's Rin Lee, Saika Suzuki, and Ben West." Erza froze as Arashi rattled off the names and looked at the boy in astonishment.

"Saika Suzuki?! As in the Saika Suzuki?!" She asked and Lucy blinked at the girls childlike gushing.

"What's so special about her?" Natsu asked, his arms crossed against his chest defensively. Erza turned to him, eyes wide.

"She's only one of the greatest weapon masters ever!" She squealed and Natsu froze.

'Wow! Erza squealed!' Lucy gaped at Erza in astonishment. "I thought you were the greatest weapon master ever?" The blonde pondered and Yuri giggled.

"It's funny, Erza-sama, Saika looks up to you as well!" Yuri said and Lucy looked between the two girls.

"Saika Suzuki is one of the ten wizard saints, right?" Levy asked. Arashi nodded.

"How did you know that?" Gajeel asked, his arms crossed. Levy looked up at him and then at the group.

"After Phantom Lord, many people were considered to replace Jose as the tenth wizard saint." Levy explained. "Before Tenrou Island, you guys were-"

"They were ten. Rin and I were nine." Yuri entered.

"Yeah, so after when we were on Tenrou, Saika was chosen as the tenth wizard saint at the age of fourteen." Levy finished and Lucy stared in awe.

"I don't see how all of this is important." Diachi griped, his eye locking on the group. "Why not just go and beat the shit out of these guys."

"We need to learn more about you guys. Try to figure out a reason why Lost Dream would attack you." Erza said, her fingers interlaced. Diachi 'tch'ed and stood.

"Diachi-san." Lucy said, rising to her feet and she froze.

'Whats this?' She wondered, her eyes going reflectionless. Black swirled around the edges of her blurring vision and she stumbled, her hand grasping for something to steady herself.

"Luce?" Natsu asked and Lucy glanced at him, spotting a pink, bandaged blob.

"I'm fi-" she started and then, her knees collapsed, sending the blonde to the floor. Strong arms caught her before she fell, holding her to a familiar, equally strong chest.

She saw blobs, red, blonde, blue and black. Worried faces filtered into her subconscious-ness and one face in particular filled her mind. A face that was filled with such intense fear and worry that it made Lucy's heart ache.

"" She whispered.

Then all was gone.


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