Chapter Three: Users of Lost magic?!

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The teens sat in a corner booth, silently waiting for their food.

"So what did you mean by gone?" Lucy asked, looking at Yuri who had discarded her cloak, revealing a pair of shorts, thigh-high boots and a turquoise shirt that's sleeves hung off her shoulders. Yuri tightened her hands that were resting on top of the table, looking at her interlaced fingers.

"Just that." Diachi said, raising his eyes to look at Lucy. "Gone. Demolished. Destroyed."

"They get the point." Arashi said, turning his head towards Diachi.

"So you three are mages?" Juvia asked, looking at Yuri. The girl nodded, her bangs bobbing slightly.


"What type of magic?"

" see..." Yuri turned her head left and right, looked over her shoulders then rested her eyes on Lucy and Juvia. "The three of us all..." She leaned forward, placing the side of her hand against her cheek. "All of us are users of Lost Magic." She whispered and Lucy's eyes widened.

"What?!" She exclaimed and the three teens shushed her.

"Lost Magic? All three of you? Juvia can't believe that..." Juvia murmured. Yuri bit her lip and nodded.

"I'll show you." She said and put her hand to her throat. "Cover your ears." She instructed and Lucy did, Juvia following her lead. Yuri opened her mouth and Lucy heard bits and pieces of a hauntingly beautiful melody escaping her lips. Diachi gestured with his head, his fingers in his ears causing Lucy to turn her head.

And scream.

Where people once were, skeletons resided in their spots. The walls were gone, leaving behind only eerie carcasses of the seemingly forgotten structure.

Yuri kept singing, a deep purple magic circle resting on her throat and opened her eyes, revealing glowing irises. Lucy looked at Juvia hysterically only to find the water mage staring in awe. Yuri stopped singing then and blinked twice, making the scene, much to Lucy's surprise, turn back to normal. She smiled at Lucy and Juvia, who in turn removed their fingers and stared at the girl in amazement.

"What was that?!" Lucy asked, bewildered.

"It's called Wish magic." Yuri explained. "It shows people either their biggest fear or most wanted wish. I gained it accidentally when I looked through a book of lost spells. I also use Creation Magic." she explained, holding her hand out to show the girls. The fork on the table molded its self into a knife, then, when Yuri moved her middle fingers up towards her palm, it shuddered back to a fork.

"So you create weapons?" Lucy asked and Yuri nodded.

"I can create them from anything, even other magic." She smiled and looked at Diachi, who sighed dramatically. The boy reached into a pocket of his jeans and pulled out what looked like a black scarf and placed it on the table.

"Show me my darkest desire." He whispered, placing his hand on the cloth. Splaying his fingers out, wind started blowing slightly and his bangs flew back from his face, revealing his other eye. The blue orb morphed sideways, breaking apart and spinning counter clockwise around his pupil. In a matter of seconds, his dark hair turned white and Lucy watched in amazement as the color traveled down his arm and shot from his fingers into the cloth. Raising his hand, slowly, Juvia and Lucy gasped simultaneously as a burgundy colored figure began to rise from the scarf. It looked at the two girls and a shark tooth grin appeared on its face and it lunged.

Diachi slammed his hand down, panting slightly and color began to track down slowly from the roots of his hair.

"Wow...." Juvia whispered and Lucy gaped at the scarf, nodding in agreement.

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