To be Continued...

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I decided to write a sequel.

I'm writing the sequel because honestly, I didn't plan on ending it as I did.

I wanted to see if I could continue this story from there.

But I knew it would also be a good ending even if I decided not to continue.

But as my creative mind got thinking I knew that I could continue this story.

So the title of the sequel is...

🎉"Running From The Past" 🎉

I decided that I wanted to go more into her past and really get into why she left and bring back more characters that have hunted Silva's past.

So this book will be coming out sometime next year once I start putting in more effort.

I've been taking a little break over the holidays.

As you guys know I never thought my book would get this far and I honestly wasn't sure if I wanted to continue it for while.

I was satisfied with the 500 reads I had but for some reason, a voice in my head kept nagging me to keep writing this book.

I knew I needed to change the cover if I wanted a fresh start so I did and I kept adding chapters.

I would tell myself I would publish a chapter every 100 reads I would get.

Then one day I looked at my book and my mouth dropped.

I couldn't believe my book was at 1k reads.

My best friend also hyped me up and kept me writing.

I'm so glad that you guys enjoyed this book and also enjoy the sequel.


Thank you guys so much for reading my book and a special shout out to the people that vote :)

I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday :)

Merry Christmas :)

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