Chapter 23

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Silva's POV:

I walked into the house with a smile and the ultrasound picture in my hoodie pocket.

"Silva where have you been?" Gio scolds me.

"I uh I just went to the warehouse," I say with a tight-lipped smile.

Gio raises an eyebrow already not believing me.

I drag him to my office and close the door behind us.

"You can't tell anyone" I pull out the ultrasound.

He turned his head sideways "Who's having a baby?"

I look at him with a 'are you that dumb' look.

His face goes from shocked to excited.

"How far along are you? Is it a boy or girl? Are you showing?" Gio starts babbling like a baby.

"Can you shut up" I glare at him as he hands me the ultrasound "I'm going to tell Dax today"

"Awe I was the first person you told" I slap his shoulder.

"It wasn't by choice and you know you would have grilled me until I told you" he chuckles softly.

"How are you going to tell him?" A soft smile graces my face.

"I was just going to wake him up and show him" Gio nods excitedly.

"What are you waiting for?" I grin as I make my way out of my office and upstairs to Dax and I's bedroom.

I opened the door softly to see him starting to wake up "Hey" I close the door behind me and crawled onto the bed.

"Where have you been?" He stretches and yawns widely.

God, he looked so sexy doing that his muscles flexing and his abs on display making him look a nice piece of candy right now.

"I have something to show you" I smile as I take out the ultrasound and place it in his lap.

He looks at it confused "Who's having a baby?"

At this moment I almost banged my head on the wall.

"Me" I whisper out as I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for him to respond.

"For real" I feel him set up in bed as I nod.

I feel his hand on my cheek making me open my eyes to look into his.

He has a huge shit-eating grin "How far along are you?"

"6 weeks" he pulls me closer to him.

Placing his hand on my tummy "That's why you have been acting weird"

I roll my eyes "Just hormones" I grin as he pulls me onto him causing me to straddle him.

I can feel his morning wood pressing against my center.

I lean over to kiss him as he grabs my hips.

Making me grind on him as we start making out.

A loud knock comes to our door before it's thrown open.

I slip off of Dax as Giovani runs in "We have a problem at the warehouse"

I'm immediately on alert.

Dax pulls me down onto the bed "You are staying here" I shake my head not already protesting.

"You are caring Silva and I won't anything happen to you" I hear a clicking noise and before I know it I'm handcuffed to the bed.

"What the fuck" I shout at him "How the hell did you get these?"

He goes into the closet and changes into a button-up and slacks.

"I will be back my love" he places a kiss on my lips "I love you forever and always"

My glare softens a little "Love you forever and always" as those words slip from my mouth he's already leaving with Giovani.

After the bedroom door clicks, I go to work.

I find a bobble pen on the bedside table and quickly grab it.

I can hear the cars already stretching out of the driveway.

The cuffs are off before I know it.

I go into my closet and change into a black knee-length dress.

I quickly grab my guns as I start heading down the stairs.

My mother is in the kitchen making breakfast "Mama watch Liam for me" she nods as I run out the door.

I hop into a black SUV and take off.

I speed all the way there.

If anyone wanted to raid my warehouse it would be Seb.

But something seemed off.

Why raid now?

As I drove in I see all of my men cleaning themselves up and starting to drag dead men away.

I see Dax and Gio talking to each other in hushed tones.

As I walk out of the car I hear a shot ring out.

I look to see where the shot hit before I make eye contact with Dax.

I see him put his hand to his chest and the crimson red spreading around his shirt.

My heart stops.

I look up to see who shot him only to find a sniper in the trees.

I take my aim and shot him right in the head.

I run over to Dax.

My heart and mind did not believe what I saw.

"Dax" I chock out his name.

"Silva" he breaths out my name coughing a little.

"Please Dax" my tears run down my face.

I couldn't let him go again.

"When you go home" he stops as his breathing is starting to get short.

I place my ear against his lips "Look at the drawer and you will find me" his breathing stops.

My mind couldn't believe this.

This couldn't be happening.

The one person that brought me happiness died.

I sobbed my body laying on top of him.

I let myself have this moment of weakness.

The only time I would let anyone see me at my low.

I'm coming for you, Seb.

And it will only end once I have your head on a stick.

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