Chapter 18

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Dax's POV

It all happened so fast.

We came up with the plan on the plane to Spain.

"So Stefano will lead his men on the west side while Alessandro plants the bomb" Stefano nods at Giovani and continues "Dax will lead his men on the Southside over by Silva and where she's most likely locked up" I nod "I will lead Silva's men to the Northside" we all agree with that and leave our cars.

About 200 of my men came to help save Silva.

Whatever was going on here, they had someone big working with them.

It was an old warehouse that looked to be done up and I spotted about 50 guards outside.

"We have them outnumbered," Stefano says through the earpieces we are all wearing.

I hear Alessandro chuckle "They look like gang members that sell drugs. They aren't ready for us to come in with our guns blazing"

"Okay guys plant the bomb in 5 minutes," Giovani says calmly.

"Les hommes, êtes-vous prêt?" I shout at my men.

(Men, are you ready?)

"Oui" they shout back.


"Sei pronto an accident?" I hear Stefano shout to his men through the earpiece.

(Are you ready to kill?)

"Sí" they shout back.

"Are you ready to fight?" I hear Giovani shout to his men.

"Fuck yeah" they shout back.

"Bomb is in place has 10 seconds till it goes off," Alessandro says to all of us.

"Ten," Giovani says through the earpiece.

"Nove," Stefano says.


"Huit," I say.












"One" "Uno" "Un," we all say in unison.

The bomb blows up and we all move to our sections and start shooting.

Adam is by my side yelling out orders to my men as I run inside and head straight for Silva.

I hear shouting in Spanish and take out my gun.

I quickly put on my silencer as men run by me.

I start taking shots at men that are standing by random doors.

I look and each room and find women that they were keeping hostage or male prisoners.

I shot the last two guards on the last door.

I go inside and find Silva laying on the ground in a chair with her breathing shallow.

I feel a bullet graze my arm and I quickly turn around and shot the male at the door.

It was the guard I missed.


I quickly untie Silva and pick her up.

"Dax" she whispers.

"Silva stays awake" I whisper to her as I see her eyes starting to close.

I run out of the room she was locked up in as gunshots passed by us.

I feel a bullet go into my shoulder but I keep running.

The gunshots finally stop and I run outside to see two men shoved into a van by Giovani and Stefano.

Alessandro runs about beside me "How is she?"

"Dead if we don't get her to a hospital," I say in a deadly tone.

Giovani runs over to us and feels Silva's pulse "I have a car waiting for you guys" he touches my shoulder "Go"

I run to a black SUV and get in.

I hold on to Silva for dear life.

She is my lifeline.

She is my everything.

She is my love.

I love her.

And I can't let her die now.

The driver gases it to the nearest hospital.

I look down at her laying limp in my lap.

She looked peaceful as could be.

Her nose was broken.

But she still looked beautiful.

As beautiful as the day I first laid eyes on her.

Her eyes lightly open as she weakly brings her hand up to my face.

I feel myself calm down at her touch.

"I'm here" she whispers "You seem stressed," she says weakly.

"It was stressful to get to you" I whisper down to her.

She lightly smiles "I'm always stressful to get to"

I shake my head at her bad joke.

She starts to cough and blood comes out "Shit" I whisper.

"Drive faster" I shout to the driver.

He speeds up and Silva pulls my face to her "Please take care of my family" her voice grows weaker at her words.

"You are my family Silva" I whisper to her.

"Take care of Liam" she whispers and I see her start to go limp.

"Silva stays awake" I cry out.

Her eyes were slowly closing.

"I love you" I whisper as the driver stops.

I jump out of the car and run into the hospital shouting for someone to help.

A couple of nurses take her out of my arms.

They put her on a stretcher and start doing CPR.

They roll the stretcher out of sight as I stand there.

"Sir" a nurse taps my shoulder.

"What," I say coldly.

"I will take you to the seating area where you can wait for your wife" I nod as she walks me to the waiting room.

I sit down and everything hits me.

This could have been the last time I see her.

The last time I hear her voice.

It was like I was losing her all over again.

But worse.

Because this time if she did die.

I would know that she's dead.

And there was no going back.

I couldn't change the time.

All I can do is pray.

I close my eyes.

Please don't take her away again.

If she dies there's no way of knowing what I will do next.

I will lose it.

And I wasn't coming back from it.

I will kill them.

With no mercy.


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