Chapter 5

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"Get up you stupid bitch" I hear from one of the sick men in front of me, I pulled on my chains to try to get them, but I could never do that.

He's silent until I feel a blow to my stomach, I feel the air get knocked from my lungs as he spits more words at me, I feel my ears start to ring as I feel a fist connect to the side of my head.

"Ahh now you're up you little whore" he crackles, his laugh sounding like my sick bastard, I could feel his fingers start to go onto my skin and my screams for him to stop.

"I've heard you have been hoeing around my men, chica, you know my rules, you can only bring your inner freak when your hopping on my dick" he grabs my chin and my eyes fly open "See chica, you belong to me now and nobody can have these" he grabs my breast hard "but they can sure have that tight little pussy of yours" his Spanish accent is thick as he tried kissing my lips as I turned away from him.

I whimper and try to shrink myself. "Please just let me go" I cried out after he finished himself on me, my voice was dry, the lack of water and food finally starting to show on me.

"You see chica, I can't do that" he shakes his head with a grin "Someone sold you to me so you are my property, your sweet old father let me deflower his little daughter, he let me have that tight little pussy" he whispers in my ear and I felt the tears coming down my face as he left the building.

*End of Dreamland*

My eyes fly open, I try to catch my breath as a cradle myself, rocking myself back and forth.

I closed my eyes tight trying to push away the nightmare, it felt like I was back there again, their fingers on my skin.

The nightmares never stop, they are there every night, just slowly haunting my life no matter how hard I try to get rid of them they always seem to come back.

Only makes me hate Romeo even more, that bastard will forever be on my shit list, living or dead.

I look at my phone to see it's only 7 am.

Well, one more hour than last time.

I shake my head as I chuckle at my lame joke.

I get up and go to my bathroom and take a very needed hot shower.

I let the hot water drown away by members of the horrid place I thought I was going to die in.

I finally wash my hair and body and let the fluffy white towel bring me comfort.

I wiped off the mirror to see my reflection, my eyes were puffy and had bags under them from lack of sleep. I looked like a sleep-deprived bitch that could go psycho if you look at me the wrong way....good.

I smiled softly as I changed into a black cropped top with a red leather jacket and black leggings.

I quickly braid my hair and walk out of the bathroom.

A soft knock comes on my door before the door opens.

Giovani pokes his head in "You ready to go?" He takes a quick scan of my room "Have you even packed yet? It's already 9 am and our flight is at 10 am" he rubs his forehead as he enters and starts throwing clothes into my suitcase.

"Thanks, mom" I smirk while I lay down on my bed "Wake me when you're done"

"Get the fuck up, I'm not about to pack all your shit and have you" he paused "wait why am I still packing for you?" Giovani stops throwing clothes in my suitcase and lays down beside me.

"How are you Sil?" He asks while peering over at me.

"Could be better" I sigh while I get up and start throwing shit in my suitcase not even paying attention to what clothes I'm throwing in there.

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