Chapter 34

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Dax's POV:

"We need to catch him off guard," Phillip says.

"How?" Giovani asks.

All of us are tense.

My parents flew out when I told them I was still alive and that Silva was missing and that Adam was the traitor.

They flipped out about Adam due to him being my childhood best friend but I guess with being best friends comes jealousy.

My mother cussed me out before pulling me into a hug and telling me to never do that again.

My mother was with Silva's mom and Silva's second mom taking care of Liam and Layla.

Around the table are Giovani, Romeo, Silva's dad, my dad, Phillip, Stefano, Cristin, and me.

"We have people inside" I raise my eyebrow.

"Who?" I ask sternly.

"Johnny boy and a couple of my people," Phillip says while typing away on his computer.

"Johnny boy?" I ask confused.

"Yes, Silva and I had a plan but that plan didn't go as well as we wanted so now I'm here with plan B," Phillip says a little annoyed.

"What was the first plan?" I ask.

"Doesn't matter didn't work because Alessandro is still there and so is Nate" I nod my head.

"So what is plan B?" Giovani leans back into his chair.

"We destroy them" we all look at him like he's crazy.

"Destroy?" I ask.

"Yes, we bring down their gang with all of our mafias combined including Nate's mafia which I'm already in contact with his Underboss" all of us look at each other.

I look at Phillip "Let's destroy them then"

Silva's POV:

I walked slowly down the hall making sure to keep my head down and in the dark.

I was ready to kill.

Not just for myself but my family.

I stopped when I heard a small whimper coming from a door.

I look down at the knob and release the door that was locked from the outside.

I twist the doorknob only for it to stop.

I look up to see someone walking down the hallway.

I didn't recognize who it was so I placed the gun in my waistband behind my back.

I grab Liam's knife and put my back against the door.

The person walks closer and closer than right by me.

And this is my strike.

I pop up behind him and jump on his back.

I take the knife and stab him right in the neck.

He falls forward with a thud.

I get off of him and start searching him for keys.

I slip my hand into his front pocket and find them.

I smirk.

I test all the keys he has trying to make the stupid door open.

Finally, the last key pops the door open.

I walk in slowly to see a little girl chained up.

My heart dropped.

I walk over to her "I'm not going to hurt you" I whisper to her.

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