Chapter 30

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Silva's POV:

I sit there silently.

Learning the information I already know.

Nobody has said anything.

"We need to make a deal" I comment.

Everyone's head snaps to me.

"What deal?" Dax asks as he looks down at me.

"We need to trade" I pause and look at Dax "I will trade with Alessandro" Dax stands up.

"I will not let you go again" he shouts.

"Silva this is ridiculous" Papà shouts as well.

My mother stands up and so does Romeo starting to shout as well.

Giovani starts shouting for everyone to calm down.

I take Dax's gun and shot it at the ceiling.

Everyone goes quiet out of shock.

"It's not up for questioning when I have my baby I'm trading myself with Alessandro, I already have connections inside the building to make sure Alessandro has protection for the next 5 months" I get up and place Liam down "it's me who he wants and I'm making sure nothing happens to the rest of you" I walk away with Liam following me.

I go up to my room and let Liam inside with me.

I go and lay down with Liam jumping on the bed beside me "I'm sorry for the yelling Bambino" I snuggle with Liam.

"It's okay mommy" he wraps his little arms around my neck "Will you come back?" His cute little voice makes me smile sadly.

"I will come back for you bambino" he nods as if knowing that I most likely won't come back.

"I want you to have something Bambino" Liam looks at me with a huge grin "As a little gift" I grab a small box off of my bedside table.

I grab the small chain that held his initials on it 'LDLB'.

"What does it spell out mommy?" Liam asks as I place the chain around his neck.

"Liam De Luca Blanc" he grins up at me.

"Thank you mommy" he placed his arms back around my neck as I pull him into a hug.

I hear a throat clear and look up to see Dax "Liam can you give Mommy and me some privacy to talk" Liam nods and runs out.

Dax closes the door and turns around with pain look in his eyes "Silva" he whispers as he walks over and sits on the end of the bed.

"I know" I whisper to him.

I wrap my arms around his waist and place my chin on his shoulder "I will be okay" I whisper to him "Nobody is going to get in the way of my family"

I pull him onto the bed while he wraps himself around me.

"I love you forever and always" I whisper to him as I feel his tears start to drip on my dress.

We laid there until I felt myself go into the dark place I call my dreams.

*5 months later*

I waddle around in the kitchen looking for some water.

I look in the cabinets for cups and find none.

"What the fuck" I mumble.

I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen.

"Oh fuck" I felt some water leak down my sweatpants.

Oh fuck.

"Dax" I scream out in pain.

I hear footsteps before Dax and Giovani pop in.

"Oh fuck" they both say at the same time.

"This little shit is coming," I say between pants.

Giovani starts calling people while Dax walks over to me "How do you feel baby?"

"Like I did to push a fucking baby out of my vagina" I grab onto Dax's bicep as I get another contraction.

"Let's get you to the car" I nod as Liam comes up out of nowhere.

This kid is a sneaky little fuck.

"Mommy are you okay?" Liam asks as he looks up at me.

"Yeah, mommy is- oh fuck- fine" I pant and Dax starts to pull me towards the front door.

"Liam ride with Giovani" Dax brings me out to the car and sets me in the passenger seat.

He runs over to the driver's side and hopes "Let's bring back home a baby"

He speeds to the hospital as my contractions start getting closer together.

Dax hopes out of the car yelling something while pulling open my door.

I see nurses running out with a wheelchair?

They seat me down in the wheelchair as I'm trying to keep myself from pushing.

Dax is right beside me telling me to breathe and that everything will be okay.


Once I get this little shit out of me I will still not be okay.

They bring me into a room and sat me down on the hospital bed.

"I have to push" I scream as I start pushing.

I see one of the nurse's eyes go big "Get a doctor now" the other nurse nods.

"Okay, the baby is starting to crown" I look down at the nurse.

"Already?" I pant as I feel another urge to push.

"Yeah" she puts some gloves on and looks at Dax "You the baby daddy?" Dax nods "I need you to make sure she pushes this baby right out" she looks at me "Have you had a child before?" I nod "okay this should be an easy birth then" she grins.

"I need a push" I grab onto Dax's hand.

"Okay push baby momma" I push as my life depends on it "one more push and this baby is going to pop"

I push again and Dax pushes some hair out of my face smiling lovingly.

I hear a small cry before I feel a weight out of me.

"It's a girl" the nurse grins right as a doctor comes running in.

"Baby daddy would you like to cut the cord"

Dax nods and takes the scissors and snips it right off.

The nurse takes my baby away and starts cleaning her.

The doctors deal with the other after-birth shit.

I don't feel anything at this point.

I just want to see my little green bean.

The nurse comes back and brings me, my little girl.

I smile brightly at her.

Her little blue eyes shine brightly up at me as she gives me her baby smile.

My little green bean.

"What's her name?" The nurse asks Dax and me.

Dax looks at me as if saying I don't know you choose.



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