Chapter 16

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Dax's POV

It's been 3 days.

3 fucking days.

And nothing.

I'm pissed as hell at myself.

I can't get Liam to stop asking about Silva.

I've been working with Giovani on trying to find her but we have no idea where she is.

Now Giovani and I are sitting in her office with Alessandro pacing and Adam zoning out.

I look over at Giovani putting his hand through his hair multiple times and cursing under his breath.

Then he stops and his face pulls into a grin.

"What is it?" I ask him while frowning.

"I can't believe I didn't think of this" he gets his phone out and texts someone.

Johnny boy comes running in "Yeah?" He asks frantically while breathing hard.

"Get your laptop kid," Giovani says quickly and Johnny boy runs to god knows where before coming back in.

"What do you need me to do?" Johnny boy says while typing away on his laptop.

"I need you to hack into a camera" Johnny boy stops.

"What kind of camera?"

"It's one of Silva's necklaces, I gave it to her for her 18th birthday and placed a camera in it in case of situations like this" Johnny boy nods and starts typing away.

About 15 minutes

"I got it" he shouts.

All of us run over to him and look at his laptop screen.

The person we saw on that screen made all of us freeze.

"Matteo" Alessandro whispers before backing away.

I stood there shocked and pissed.

Her fucking brother.

Her fucking blood.

Giovani looked pissed but then frowns.

"Can you get a location on her?" Giovani asks and his voice was deadly.

I can see Johnny boy shaking "Yeah give me a few minutes"

After a couple of minutes of Alessandro cursing and throwing things and Giovani sitting in his chair calmly and Adam still looking at the screen shocked.

"Found her," Johnny boy says before he frowns.

"What is it Johnny boy?" Giovani asks while getting up from his chair.

"She's in Spain" Alessandro freezes and I look at him with my jaw ticking.

The phone starts ringing scaring the shit out of most of us.

I quickly pick up the phone "Hello?"

"Dax?" Romeo says on the other line.

"Romeo?" I ask back.

I see Alessandro freeze.

"Where's Silva? I need to tell her something important" Romeo rush's out.

"She's not here" I pause and sigh "she got kidnapped"

His side goes quiet "Is everyone there?"


"Put me on speaker boy" I press the speaker button.

"Gentlemen," Romeo says.

"Father," Alessandro says back.

"Romeo" Giovani and Adam reply.

"Do you boys have a visual on where she is?" Romeo asks but it's more of a demand.

"Sí" Alessandro replies.

"Alessandro I want you to call Stefano and tell him to get his men to the location and Dax do the same. Giovani I want you to round up some men and leave the person you trust most in charge for the time being. Whoever this motherfucker is won't be expecting all of us to team up together" I nod at Adam as he makes a couple of calls to the French mafia, Alessandro gets on the phone with his brother, and Giovani starts calling some people.

"Do you guys know who took her?" Romeo asks.

We all go silent.

"We know at least one person" Giovani replies.


"Matteo" Giovani spits out.

Romeo's line goes quiet.

Then we hear a crashing noise "That little piece of shit" he shouts.

Alessandro's eyes go wide at his father's anger.

"Romeo why would one of your sons do this?" I ask while putting my hands on Silva's desk.

He knows something.

"Silva isn't the first person to be captured by the Spanish" we all go quiet.

Alessandro rushes over to the phone "Who else has?"

"Your mother" we all go quiet.

"Alessandro tell Stefano to send people to your father's house," I say while looking at all of them "Whoever is behind this is going to want both of them"

They all nod.

"Guys," Johnny boy says while looking at his screen "You guys are going to want to see this"

We all rush over to his screen.

My mouth drops.

On the screen is Matteo and another figure.

He's in the shadows so we all can't see his face.

We all wait for him to step forward to reveal himself.

We all wait anxiously even though Romeo is still on the phone waiting.

The figure steps forward and I freeze.

The one we all thought was dead.

Stood in front of Silva.

Luis Rodriguez.

Esteban's brother.


Sorry I know it's a short chapter but I'm trying to lead up to all the juicy stuff that will happen next chapter.

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