Chapter 8

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Have you ever seen the fear in a man's eye when he's looking at a boss ass bitch?

Well, today was my lucky day, because after waking up from my nap, I got ready in my tight black dress that went to my mid-thigh and was long sleeves.

I had my blonde locks in curls with some mascara on my lashes.

I had a gun in my silver clutch I was carrying just in case for backup.

I slowly descended the stairs to see all of my men at the bottom waiting for any calls I will make.

I see the guy I shot in the foot standing tall in a cast with crutches beside Johnny boy.

This should be intriguing.

I look and see Giovani standing at the end of the steps waiting for me.

"Everything is clean, boss," the guy that I shot in the foot says.

I see Giovani raise an eyebrow and put his hand behind his back ready to pull his gun at any second.

Johnny boy clears his throat "I'm sorry boss for hitting on you, it was inappropriate and won't happen again"

I nod at both of them.

"I want all of your names and ranks and jobs, I want to make this mafia stronger and not weaker" I look around to see men nodding "This is my house now and if you guys want to go to clubs or strip clubs, go to them and do not bring any of them here" they all nod again.

"Giovani will tell you the rules while I'm gone, I don't want this place to ever be dirty or have prancing naked women around, even if I'm gone for a month, I want this place to be a safe place for all of my men" I pause and look around to see all of the men staring at me "So help me God, if it's ever like this again, I will put a bullet in your brain with no words being said. Do I make myself clear?!" I shout as they all chant out yes.

I nod and walk up to Giovani, I go up to his ear "I want all of their files on my desk when I get back" he nods.

I walk away from Giovani and the men part like the Red Sea.

All of them looked at me with either 3 things, fear, respect, or both.

Some aren't even looking at me...cowards but honestly I don't mind.

I walk out the door with my head held high and make my way to the black SUV.

I get into the back seat and see Joe in the driver's seat "I thought I told you to go home after making them clean" I raise an eyebrow.

"Yeah whatever, I'm still driving you there" Joe mumbles and pulls out of the driveway of the mansion.

I sat there quietly thinking about how this conversation is going to go with Dax.

It could go one of 2 ways; he either wants to make a deal about allies or make a deal with shipments but there is always the possibility of both.

"Silva, we are here," Joe says and I nod and exit the car.

I walk inside the restaurant and told the way to a cheery lady I was looking for Mr.Blanc's table and she cheerful took me there.

This girl had way too much pep in her step to be walking to a private area with 2 very powerful mafia bosses.

"He's right in here" she smiles widely while I look at her with no emotions.

Her smile faded a bit when I didn't smile back and I walked into the private area.

"Nice of you to show up on time Ms. De Luca, it's unlike you" I hear Dax's voice say from beside me.

"I only show up on time when needed to" I confirm while facing Dax.

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